How Architects Help to Make Your Dreams Come True

You have decided that you do not want to buy a home, but rather want to build your own. As such, you have to decide whether to use one of the top Architecture Firms to design your home and handle the project management function, or simply to hire an architect and let someone else oversee the building project. You have a third choice. You can always just have a draughtsman design the home and then have an architect sign off. In this way, you can save a lot of money, or so it may seem at first.

However, considering that you will spend two thirds of your time indoors, and will spend the major part of your day and night at home when not working, do you want to risk not getting the best just to save a few rands during the design process? Top Architecture Firms may charge more than a draughtsman, but you will get an entire team of experts to work on the design, as well as an account manager and consultants to coordinate the building process. You will not have to deal with contractors not living up to expectations or submit applications to the local council.

A quick look at the benefits of hiring one of the experienced and top Architecture Firms should make it clear why you actually save when working with JK Designs, rather than attempt to save initial design costs by using a draughtsman and various building contractors. These benefits include:

  1. Superb understanding of client requirements

Top Architecture Firms, such as JK Designs, make the effort to understand your lifestyle requirements. The architect will listen to what you have in mind and then translate your vision into a design concept that is in-line with the building regulations and relevant codes.

  1. Rendering a 3D design

It is difficult enough to visualise your ideas of the perfect home on paper, so understanding architectural drawings can be exceptionally difficult. Experienced architects are able to visualise your ideas on paper and render a 3D design, enabling you to see how the house will look, almost as if you were walking through it.

  1. No design mistakes

Architects are familiar with dimensions, spaces, and building codes. They understand what is feasible and what simply cannot work. You will therefore not end up with design errors, which could lead to additional building or surveying costs.

  1. Solutions, not problems

Experienced Architecture Firms seek solutions to ensure that your vision can be realised. They do not add to your cost burden. Instead, they help to minimise the wasting of resources and maximise the potential of the design.

  1. Overseeing projects

With an architectural firm in charge of communication, coordination, and project management, you save on costs, as the best use of resources is guaranteed. The team coordinates all aspects of the building project, leaving you time to focus on your business.

Let us help you make your dream home a reality through effective architectural design and project management according to your requirements.

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