About JK Designs

Vision and Mission

Vision (Residential)

Every home deserves to be an icon. Every icon deserves a soul.



Vision (Commercial)

Holistic Visionary Solutions. Iconic Architectural Designs

Mission (Residential)

With young hearts and restless spirit we challenge the mundane and motivate emotive design through education, innovation and quality. To become the personalized home design authority in the industry and leave a legacy of a fun, energetic family of client-centric specialists that create iconic designs.


Mission (Commercial)

By challenging stagnant industry norms with experience and proficiency, we deliver holistic design solutions through functional, feasible and groundbreaking strategies. A visionary team of high performance design-centric specialists that evolve urban landscapes and shape the future with iconic designs

Company profile

JK Designs is a young and dynamic architectural company that offers comprehensive expertise ranging from Sustainable Residential homes to Large Commercial Developments. Prioritising client satisfaction above all else ensures that each client’s very unique criteria results in design excellence through harmoniously integrating; quality, innovation, ecology, functionality and elegance. To further improve the client’s experience, JK Designs offers additional services such as Project Management, Structural Engineering, Sustainability, Interior Design, Construction, Shopfitting, Construction Supplies, Development and Investment Opportunities.

We believe to improve the client’s interaction with our team members is to create an enjoyable working environment; clients quickly sense the pleasant atmosphere and feel at ease. Removing ourselves from the usual corporate business structure, JK Designs encourages a fun and relaxed working environment where employees are stimulated to think outside the box, to pursue their true architectural passion and to truly love their contribution to the local architectural landscape. JK Designs is in a continuous pursuit of design excellence and to be realized as an authority in the Architectural community. The impressive growth that the firm has experienced is just a small testimony that we are very committed to our goals and that we are on the correct path to becoming a recognised quality brand.

Meet the team

Johann Koch


Johann, founder and managing director of JK Designs, is a cool and collected professional, with many talents, not only in the architectural field but also as one of the countries up-and-coming businessmen. Admired by his staff and respected by his clients, Johann has a firm hand on any task put before him. Among other things, Johann’s 10 years in the architectural field is accompanied by a BTech degree from Tshwane University of Technology and a MBL from UNISA.

Dwayne Olivier


Locally brewed here in Pretoria, Dwayne has built up an impressive architectural portfolio since completing his BSc Arch degree from the University of Pretoria. He is a go-getter and welcomes any challenge in the field. A progressive thinker on business structures and market opportunities with a firm grip on internal operations, financials, strategic planning and development analysis. A former associate manager at Studio 3 Architects, Dwayne has 8 years of experience under his belt, including the design, documenting and construction of the Lynnwood Bridge Mixed Used development on Lynnwood Road, Pretoria.

Antoinette Horngren

Operations Manager

After completing her N.Dip at TUT, Antoinette decided that with a world of knowledge out there, her N.Dip just wasn’t enough. She continued her studies and completed her B.Tech and finally her M.Tech in 2013. With a passion for Architecture and a keen eye for good design, she launched herself into her career. Today she is an invaluable part of the JK Designs Team. With her extensive experience in Contract administration and Project Management, as well as her impeccable people skills, she makes sure that our clients’ dreams become a reality.

Julene Bosman


Julene is JK Designs’ prized residential designer, with a funky style and vibrant personality. She has the remarkable ability to interpret the client’s brief into a reality. Her designs respect the environment and adapt to them, exposing the maximum potential of any site. Julene’s personal life values carry through to her professional life resulting in outstanding, sustainable and ethical designs.

Kelvin Gibbs

Professional Architect

Kelvin completed his Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of the Free State. Working at various firms he became a pro in 3D modeling, rendering and marketing, and along the way cultivated a great love for design. After uprooting and planting himself in Pretoria, he involved himself in multi-residential developments and high-end private residences, whilst making use of new software and improved utilization of drawing & design programs. With a keen eye only an opportunist can have, Kelvin endeavors to investigate all possibilities for growth in business, both in the office environment and clients.

Angela Smith

Senior Technologist

Graduated from TUT, Angela first served her country in the SANDF,  where she worked closely with inspiring Architects – cementing her way forward. Angela conducts herself in a presentable, professional, and friendly manner whilst managing her extensive portfolio.  She is punctual and thorough in her work.  She is also realistic in managing her time, responsibilities and deliverables. She desires buildings that are conscious of time and she believes that responsible buildings is the future.

Richardt van der Merwe

Technical Detail Specialist

Richardt is a highly responsible person being brought up with sound values to cope with the demands of life.  He remains positive and available to do his work and honors his commitments in all instances. Integrity is a strong point that he is constantly complimented on. At the start of his career he jumped into large commercial projects such as Loftus Park, enabling him to experience the profession and challenges first hand. Teamwork and assisting his colleagues towards a goal, inspires him.

JP Duvenhage

Project Manager

JK Designs - Project Manager

With his vast experience in numerous projects over the 17 years he’s been working, ranging from high-end residential projects to large scale commercial developments, JP plays a crucial role in overseeing the project management of JK Designs projects with efficiency and knowledge. His ability to expertly coordinate the professional team and keep a firm grip on contract administration make each project he works on run with steadfast proficiency. His natural people skills allow him to handle any situation with ease while delivering a successful project to the client.

Cobus Hugo

Professional Senior Architectural Technologist

JK Designs - Professional Senior Architectural Technologist

Cobus joined the JK Designs family in 2019 with 20 years’ experience in very high-end residential and large-scale commercial developments under previous employment. With this vast architectural experience, his input is invaluable in anything ranging from extremely detailed technical resolutions all the way through to the execution and management of the successful delivery of the most complex of projects. His approach to and experience in consultant coordination and management of the contractors is a faultless synergy of diligent execution and passion to deliver nothing but the best quality to the client.

PJ Breytenbach

Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist

JK Designs -Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist

PJ completed both his Bachelor and Master degrees at the Tshwane University of Technology, where he developed very good technical skills and a keen eye for detail. His extreme inclination towards perfection when it comes to drawings and documentation makes him a very efficient technical detail designer with a passion for making things come together in a logical and functional way. He takes pride in the little things, and greatly enjoys elevating design presentations through considering the smallest detail that brings a design to life.