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If you are searching for an architect in Johannesburg, consider approaching JK Designs, an architectural firm with a reputation of innovation. Innovation is necessary in a world of constant flux. You need a firm that understands the environment as it is now, how it has developed, and where it’s going. JK Designs have offices in both major Gauteng metropoles so you can find an architect in Johannesburg or Pretoria. JK Designs have the variety of expertise to intelligently approach each type of project. The architectural professionals have all the necessary attributes and all the X factor you need. Meet the team with the plan:

Johann Koch

Johann Koch is the founder and managing director of JK Designs. Johann has 10 years’ experience in the architectural field and has a B.Tech. degree from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), and an MBL from UNISA.

Dwayne Olivier

Dwayne is a Director at JK Designs and has built up an impactful architectural portfolio since graduating from the University of Pretoria (UP) with a BSc Arch degree. Dwayne has 8 years of experience, including the design and construction of the Lynnwood Bridge mixed-use development.

Antoinette Horngren

Antoinette is the operations manager at JK Designs. She graduated with an N Dip at TUT, and chose to continue her studies, completing her B.Tech. and then her M.Tech in 2013. She has a flair for architecture and an eye for good design.

Julene Bosman

Julene Bosman is JK Designs’ technologist and specialises in residential design. Her designs are characterised by eco-friendly sustainability.

Kelvin Gibbs

Kelvin is an architect in Johannesburg and now works with the firm. He completed his master’s degree in Architecture at the University of the Free State. Working at various firms, he became a pro in 3D modelling, rendering, and marketing, and along the way cultivated a great love for design. 

Angela Smith

Angela is the Senior Technologist at JK Designs. After graduating from TUT, Angela served in the SANDF, and now brings her expertise to JK Designs.  

Richard van der Merwe

Richard is the Technical Detail Specialist at the firm. At the beginning of his career, he jumped into large commercial projects and now brings to the team at JK Designs.

JP Duvenhage

JP is the project manager on the team. He has over 17 years’ experience working in high end residential and commercial architecture. He plays a crucial role in overseeing JK Designs’ projects.

Cobus Hugo

JK Designs - Professional Senior Architectural Technologist

Cobus is the Professional Senior Architectural Technologist at JK Designs. He has 20 years of experience and brings this vast knowledge and expertise to the JK Designs architectural firm.

PJ Breytenbach

JK Designs -Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist

PJ is a Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist at JK Designs and graduated with his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the TUT.

In conclusion

If you are in need of an architect in Johannesburg, visit the offices in Johannesburg at Atrium on 5th, 9th Floor, 5th St, Sandton, or in Pretoria at Block 4 Tijger Valley Office Park,76 Pony Street, Silver Lakes.

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