Save Money with Architects in Gauteng

Constructing a home can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention nerve-wracking. You can avoid undue stress by hiring competent architects in Gauteng. What about the costs, you ask? As architects, we at JK Designs work hard to make sure your goals are met within the budget allocated for the project.

Here’s how we can help to keep the price of your new home as low as possible:

  • No overbuilding or design flaws.
  • Come up with original solutions to resolve issues.
  • Make use of durable materials for long-lasting builds.
  • Purchase building products for less from our already established contact list.
  • Pre-plan everything to minimise unexpected expenses.

Let us Design your Future

Aside from the fact that you’ll save a tremendous amount by hiring architects in Gauteng, you’ll also get exactly what you desire. As professionals, we deal with many clients, all with their own unique needs and limitations. Thus, it’s only natural that we’ve come up with multiple strategies to get what you’re going for without hassle. For most designs, standard practices come into play to reach our objectives. However, sometimes a new problem is presented and that’s when you want a collection of creative minds on the job.

Our team is made up of many top-tier specialists. All are committed to making every aspect of our client’s dreams come true.

We have two equally well-qualified directors, which include our founder and managing director, Johann Koch and Dwayne Olivier. Both offer years of experience, nearly making up two decades combined. Johann has accomplished a BTech degree at TUT, as well as an MBL through Unisa. Dwayne has attained a BSc Arch degree at the esteemed University of Pretoria in Gauteng.

Working with them is a group of employees just as skilled and ready to take on any architectural task, be it residential or commercial.

Check out the members of our super-staff and read more about why we are the best people for your project.

Get your money’s worth

As our architects in Gauteng are well-equipped and eager to show off their skills, you know that you can count on us to perform. Hiring professionals can mean the difference between building a satisfactory or exemplary house. Don’t let your fear of finances stop you from achieving your dreams. We can work with what you have. Feel free to inspect our process to see if we are the right company for you. Let us build a home that will make you proud. Reach out to discuss your home design needs.

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