Architects in Gauteng Push the Boundaries

Gauteng boasts a wide variety of architecture. This is hardly surprising given that Johannesburg is one of the largest cities in South Africa and the main financial hub. So, it goes hand in hand that there are many architects in Gauteng too.

When we think of any big city in the world, our thoughts immediately go to images of skyscrapers or buildings that are so impressive in their design that they have lost any sense of functionality or flow. Architects in Gauteng are focussing more and more on the fundamentals of architecture such as flow, space, and light.

What is becoming increasingly important to architects in Gauteng is being able to achieve concept designs and solutions that are sustainable and client-centric. Architects in Gauteng all pose different offerings, from commercial, residential, educational, mixed-use, retail, corporate, hospitality, to civic. Each architect will have different experience and proficiency in different spheres of architecture. Some will be dedicated to creating high-performance buildings that are striking and innovative, while other architects in Gauteng will focus on the simple, practical solutions that focus on the more functional aspects.

Architects in Gauteng are concerned with the elements of urban design and planning. Our cities rely on good urban design that thinks about not just attractiveness but functionality. It is a blend of architecture of buildings, landscape architecture and city planning and infrastructure.

Architecture is representative of its society and its values: of the success of the society and ultimately, the failures of the society too. From the large skyscrapers which can be found in practically every large city throughout the world, to the simple residential dwellings, we can learn a lot about the people who live in an area. Architects in Gauteng spend much time not just looking at the design of the building but at the psychology of the residents’ past, present and future, and the environmental surrounds.

Architecture is more than just a built environment. It is about our culture. Gauteng has such an eclectic mix of buildings. While the architectural style in Johannesburg style varied, with innovative and modern ideas, it is largely derived from late Victorian and Edwardian city architecture.

Architects in Gauteng are today fundamentally concerned with working on modern and sustainable designs that show individuality and creativity. We don’t ever want to forget that architecture is a mixture of art and science. It is a craft in its own right and the pursuit of this discipline is important.

Architects in Gauteng are all about pushing boundaries. Technology plays a vital role in architecture today. With the technological innovations that keep rolling out, architecture really has no limits. Sustainability as a concept is a central concern that addresses the increasing environmental problems affecting the planet today.

High-tech solutions use technological innovations to implement “smart” systems that monitor and adjust aspects of the building to our needs. Air conditioning that is automatically controlled and “smart” windows that are self-cleaning are just some of the examples of where technological innovation works hand in hand with architecture as a science and an art.

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