How Architects in Pretoria Use Glass Façades as Part of Designs

Architects in PretoriaAs experienced architects in Pretoria, we endeavour to provide clients with modern and relevant designs. We also commit to helping clients achieve their design visions. To do so, our team of architects in Pretoria makes sure we understand client needs whilst also advising them regarding the latest architectural design trends, sustainability factors, and cost-efficient building and design features that can add value to their properties.

Glass façades, for instance, are not new, but the usage and types of façades have increased over the years. Many architects in Pretoria include the use of slim or structural glass in their designs, especially for commercial properties, because the glass allows for the use of natural light, thereby helping to save on energy whilst also adding ambience to buildings.

Where the glass wall design is included, it is important to make the glass the focus point of the façade. Structural glass makes it possible to create a bespoke façade, noteworthy for the visual appeal it gives to the building, as well as the ambience it provides. Several commercial buildings in Pretoria already feature such façades, and the trend is fast taking hold in residential designs.

Aluminium works well when it comes to minimal framing of the glass façade, but it is important to consider the weight and size of the glass. When it comes to slim glass, the size of the frame or box is what gives the glass façade its strength. To this end, our architects consider the elevation height, wind load, and other factors, in addition to box depth, when they include such façades in their building designs.

Where structural glass is used, the glass section is fixed to the building structure without using a frame. Instead, the angles are specifically designed to be hidden. Our team works closely with professionals in other fields of building and construction to ensure the products and designs are possible and safe. The weight of the glass is taken into consideration, as such affects the maximum size of the façade. To this end, they also consider the maximum and minimum glass thickness required for the façade system. They guide clients regarding floating coats, such as solar control, tinted, or e-coats. They explain how it is possible to create a responsive design when using heated, electrochromic, or privacy glass.

With our expertise in architectural design and project management, we ensure maximum functionality, energy saving, aesthetic appeal, and durability in commercial and residential buildings. Get in touch with our team of architects in Pretoria for more information on how we can help your building design achieve the above and more with the inclusion of a stunning glass façade.

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