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Architecture and The Role of The Architectural Design Process

The Residential Architecture and Design Process

When early humans first abandoned their caves and began to construct dwellings from the limited raw materials available, they gave little thought to aesthetics. Instead, their sole concern was to provide shelter from the elements for themselves and, in some cases, their animals. Only later did they begin to consider modifications to enhance the appearance and functionality of their homes. While these primitive dwellings first appeared in around 10 000 BC, it was Imhotep who, in 4 600 BC, introduced the concept of architecture with his use of columns and stone-dressed buildings. His breakthrough ideas later led to the iconic structures of Ancient Rome and Greece that have endured for millennia. 


Much has happened during the intervening years. Modern cities now boast towering buildings, such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with 162 occupied floors and double-decker elevators that travel at 10 meters per second. In the city suburbs, many homes are now built from new, sustainable materials and incorporate various forms of energy-saving technology. In short, modern architecture seeks to create buildings that combine aesthetics and functionality to enhance their occupants’ lifestyles in every way possible.

Steps Exploring Personalised Architecture

Not everyone is willing to settle for selecting their new home from the limited offerings of the average property developer. Instead, some buyers are often seeking something more personalised. Arriving at an acceptable design and transforming that concept into a feasible and habitable structure involves several intermediate steps. Let’s examine each stage in the process that will follow when you present your request to a reputable architecture firm. 


The overall project will consist of five steps, beginning with inception. During this step, you will need to indicate the number of rooms you require and their sizes and mention any other special features you may like. The design team can arrive at a cost estimate from this information, make any adjustments based on your budget, and draw up a feasible timeline for completion. For the next step, the team will use your previous input to create 3D images and a walk-through video to demonstrate the concept and how it will work. 


Next, the architecture firm will listen to and implement any final amendments you may consider necessary before updating the images and video material to reflect the changes. Step 4 deals with submission to the council and drafting detailed plans to obtain contractors’ quotes before the final step of construction and close-out.


JK Designs offers many benefits not available from most other architecture firms. These include unlimited amendments and 3D renderings at no extra charge. The company also undertakes total financial management of your project while guiding each stage of the construction through to completion and keeping you apprised of every detail.


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