Architecture Creates the Environments We Inhabit

When looking for an architect for a project, one must consider that they have a huge responsibility. The designing and guiding of a building to completion is a very serious undertaking. This is not only because a building is fairly permanent, and therefore errors are costly, but also because it will become part of everybody’s environment. JK Designs is aware of the weight of this responsibility.

While we are often aware of buildings we have never actually seen, like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty or the Pyramids of Giza, the architecture in our immediate environments can often go unnoticed. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we do not often consider anything architectural beyond our own house. The gargantuan shapes around us are the largest part of our structured environment, yet hide in plain sight, almost becoming invisible.

However, even if we don’t notice the architecture, it shapes us all. The architecture of a building determines how we engage with that building: how we move around it, how we use it, and how we feel inside it. A variation on a simple shape can completely change how something is perceived. Consider the feeling of being in a round room, as opposed to a square room. Now imagine a triangular room. All of them are perceived differently and elicit a different response. Moreover, the relationships between buildings and how they exist in juxtaposition with each other also structures our environment, even if we are outside.

Further consideration is the internal design of the building. Architecture in relation to internal design equals living space. A restaurant wouldn’t be complete without the ambiance created by the internal design complementing the architecture of the building, and neither would your home. JK Designs offers clients the opportunity to take the internal design into consideration from the beginning, because interior design is included in the services they offer. This gives any client the opportunity to include the interior design in their projects. JK Designs specialises in both commercial and private architecture. So, whether it is a dream family home finally realised or a headquarters of a multinational corporation, JK Designs can manage the entire project.

Because buildings are constantly around us to the point that we almost don’t notice them, designing a new building that will stand out, complement the surrounding environment, and serve its function, is difficult. That is why at JK Designs, free-thinking is championed to promote a creative environment, allowing architects to constantly shift their approaches and remain cutting edge. It is only through this brand of free-thinking that unique and iconic structures can be realised.

If you are in search of an architectural firm that has a diverse range of skills and is qualified for any size of private or commercial project, contact JK Designs. JK Designs has offices in both Pretoria and Johannesburg. JK Designs has the creativity to realise clients’ desires, stand-out architectural forms, and to create bold, iconic structures.

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