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Key Questions to Ask When Choosing an Architecture Firm

What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing an Architecture Firm?

Whether planning to build a new home or to extend an existing property, few people possess the skills to undertake the design and building tasks personally. Most will find it necessary to hire a building contractor and an architect. Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. It’s, therefore, essential to select everyone involved in its design and construction with care. Building can only begin once you have finalised the design. When choosing an architecture firm, you might find the following questions helpful.


The first step is to decide if you need one. Perhaps you have the skills to design your building or would like to hire a drafting technician to draw up the plans. However, if your project requires planning permission, only a registered architect is authorised to submit the plans for approval. In addition, there are many other advantages to hiring a professional design company. Naturally, you would like to see some evidence that your chosen company can meet your needs. An established architecture firm will have a portfolio of projects and should be happy to let you view them. Some have a signature style that may or may not appeal to you, while others are more versatile. It will pay you to shop around if you’re not keen on neo-futurist trends.


Although you may like what you see, impressive design work is only one of your needs. Someone has to turn that stunning plan into a reality. Choosing the right builder will be crucial. Those elaborate, eye-catching projects from the architecture firms you visit are almost certainly the result of collaboration between the design team and its preferred construction company. Ask your chosen architect to recommend the best builder for your job. However, while it is reassuring to know your construction work will be in good hands, you will also need someone to keep an eye on how your project is progressing. Is the company able and willing to undertake the project management role, ensuring timely delivery of materials, controlling costs and keeping you apprised of any difficulties that arise?


An architecture firm will charge a bit more than a lone professional. However, you will have the advantage of a team with a combined skill set that covers everything from design and quantity surveying to an intimate knowledge of construction techniques and budgeting. 


At JK Designs, we offer a comprehensive service that always puts your interests first and includes you in every decision. We are a young team with vision, energy and a proud track record. If you have a project in mind, we invite you to view some current and past projects of our Pretoria-based architecture firm.

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