More Architecture Firms Now Support Green Building Designs in South Africa

Many architecture firms in South Africa now offer sustainable and eco-conscious architectural designs. Indeed, green building practices in the country are increasing tremendously in line with worldwide trends supporting sustainable living. Such architecture firms provide clients in the commercial and residential property sectors with new methods to reduce the building impact on the environment, and at the same time, ways to benefit from living or working in sustainable buildings.Many architecture firms already support the green or sustainable building movement. The movement is focused on the design and building of structures with a low environmental impact and effective use of resources throughout the entire lifecycle of such buildings. This applies to lower maintenance, provision for changing usage needs over the long term, building materials used, and energy efficiency. It also applies to the deconstruction and general operation of the buildings.

Green architecture holds several benefits, including the lowering of the environmental impact. Conventional commercial structures are, for instance, water inefficient, energy heavy in terms of heating and cooling, and not always designed with the health of occupants in mind. Architecture firms supporting the green building movement take care to ensure designs, which optimise passive usage of solar and natural light. They also consider features to help reduce water usage and to ensure best airflow. They choose materials to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Power outages in recent months have, once again, highlighted the need to reduce reliance on grid power. To this end, many architecture firms also incorporate solar power features to reduce grid-power reliance. In addition, commercial buildings can, for instance, include rooftop gardens and recycling of water for irrigation purposes. All such features improve the overall health and safety, as well as energy wise and resource efficiency characters of buildings. When it comes to building materials, the architecture firms consider the cost, impact, and lifetime of materials in addition to the reduction in maintenance needed.

Is Going Green Worth It?

Architecture firms, experienced in green designs, are able to help clients reduce their building operating costs over the long term. Such building designs also feature comfort elements to improve the enjoyment of the building spaces. The answer is thus yes, since certain green features can add value to buildings and can increase property investment values.

Add-On Services

In addition to their knowledge on sustainable designs and building practices that can help clients benefit from energy optimised and sustainable buildings, the firms provide services, such as project management.

Since they already know the vision of the client and which materials to use in the construction process, they are in a perfect position to ensure the realisation of the vision within the budget limits of the client.

They furthermore provide consulting and advisory services regarding eco-friendly and sustainable designs to meet the client’s short- and long-term investment, usage, and low running cost requirements. When it thus comes to the future of architecture and construction in South Africa, consumers can expect more and more architecture firms to focus on sustainable building designs and practices.

Where to Find a Green Design Architecture Firm?

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