Transforming the Bathroom into a Space for Living

Transforming the Bathroom into a Space for Living Even though the bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in a house, it remains one of the most critical and difficult to design. Historically driven by simplicity, functionality, and ease of maintenance, the bathroom has often resulted in being a fairly simple space devoid of […]

Architecture Firms – The Key to Excellent Construction

ARCHITECTURE FIRMS – THE KEY TO EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION When it comes to designing a house that is both practical and aesthetically appealing, many individuals can get discouraged. It’s no small task to draft building plans and figure out how or where to place what in any structure. Should your windows be facing north or south? […]

Hire an Architect in Johannesburg

Building Your Own Home? Hire an Architect in Johannesburg Just because you want to do the building on your own, it doesn’t mean an architect can’t be useful. In fact, it’s especially important to get one in this type of scenario. These qualified individuals bring lots to the table, and can save you from making […]

Architects In Gauteng

Reasons to Hire Architects in Gauteng for Design Purposes Architecture is a form of art, in which an innovative individual combines their practical knowledge and artistic ability to design a spectacular structure. It’s not uncommon for architects in Gauteng to possess a trusted network of interior decorators and designers, as they often collaborate to create […]

Architect In Johannesburg

Sustainable Development - Commercial Architecture - JK Designs

Why Get an Architect in Johannesburg for Commercial Projects? For building on a residential plot in Johannesburg, it isn’t always necessary to involve architects in every aspect of the project. However, for a business structure, it’s highly recommended to get experts to help in the planning and executing phases of the process. Just like residential […]

Architect In Johannesburg

Get an Architect in Johannesburg – Here’s why First-time property buyers often believe that an architect plays only one small part in the construction of a building. However, this misconception can be cleared up easily if one simply takes the time to get in contact with experts in the industry. The reality is that these […]

Architects In Gauteng

Architects in Gauteng – When to Renovate Your Home An architect is good for more than just drafting a design for your new house. They are spectacular renovation assistants as well. But how do you know if your property is due for renovation? The simple answer is to ask JK Designs, leading architects in Gauteng, […]

Find an Architect in Johannesburg

Building a House? Find an Architect in Johannesburg If you plan to construct a home for you and your loved ones in Johannesburg, you need to hire a trustworthy architect in the area. It’s not always easy to find a reputable person for this complex task. Most people turn to friends or family for recommendations, […]

Architects in Gauteng

Save Money with Architects in Gauteng Constructing a home can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention nerve-wracking. You can avoid undue stress by hiring competent architects in Gauteng. What about the costs, you ask? As architects, we at JK Designs work hard to make sure your goals are met within the budget allocated for […]

Architecture Firms In Pretoria

Design Budget Planning Tips from Architecture Firms in Pretoria Being excited to get started on your construction project is completely understandable. However, you need to consider a few factors before looking for the best architecture firms in Pretoria. For example, the amount you are willing to spend and the actual capital you have available are […]