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Building Advice From an Architect in Johannesburg

Building Advice with an Architect in Johannesburg

First-time building projects are always the most exciting and equally so, terrifying. What if the project takes longer than expected, or if your budget ends up being too little and you have to take out an additional loan? There are many aspects that can go wrong during, before and after the construction of a property. However, with some expert tips from an architect in Johannesburg, you can avoid most of these pitfalls and enjoy the satisfying experience of creating your dream home from scratch.

5 Important Parts of Planning

Whatever the situation may be, planning remains crucial. With an architect in Johannesburg on your side, this becomes a lot easier, but for those wanting to do it themselves, here are some essential points to consider:

  1. Timing is everything – Start by setting a timeframe for when the project should be completed. Be realistic with this, and take other factors into account like the weather, stock availability of building materials and when your preferred occupation date. The process can be done much quicker if you consult a team of experts rather than having to rely on individual contractors.
  1. Budget accordingly – Plan the costs of your venture according to what needs to get done, and not the other way around. If you try and fit your plan into a tight budget, you may end up under-budgeting on certain areas or even hire sub-par builders that ultimately ruin your project. There are many online calculators available that can help you calculate various estimates, but for an accurate quote rather consult an architectural firm.
  1. Think of the future – Many prospective homeowners make the mistake of designing houses with staircases, installing high-up and hard-to-reach cupboards and even narrow corridors. These are all great features but one should also consider life’s curveballs and the possibility of accidental disability or old age. If you want to build your forever-home in Johannesburg, first discuss your future plans with your partner.
  1. Electricity and plumbing – It goes without saying that these are two aspects of any development that require the services of professionals. Nevertheless, you should also keep in mind that an electrician and plumber will only do what you ask of them. Thus, it’s wise to think carefully about where you want wall plugs, light switches, and water outlets installed. It’s a big expense to redo any of these parts, should you wish to do so later on. An architecture firm usually has a network of contractors and freelancers that can be used for each specific task.

Do it Right from the Start – Hire an Architect in Johannesburg

If you want a professional build and zero mistakes in the design of your structure, hiring architects is the way forward. Not only can they assist you with proper budget planning, but they’re also meticulous in spotting flaws and finding solutions. They can secure you the best pricing on quality materials, and reduce the turnaround time to build your own home.

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