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Modern Architecture Companies in South Africa

Whether you’re constructing a forever home to live in, developing a security complex for income purposes or just want to build your dream holiday villa at the beach, it’s important to stay on top of the latest architectural trends. This approach not only increases the value of your property but will also ensure that your property is the talk of the neighbourhood for years to come.


Not all areas have the same style or regulations in place, and a structure that’s “in style” in Johannesburg might not be all that popular in Cape Town. What better way to make sure your house is on par with your neighbours than to find modern architecture companies in South Africa to draft the design of your intended project?

Home Builders Should Consider AEC Trends When Hiring an Architect

For those unaware, AEC is the abbreviation for architecture, engineering and construction. These three sectors work hand-in-hand with new developments and essentially follow the same trends.


An easy way to decide between architect companies in South Africa is to browse their portfolio of completed developments. This gives you the opportunity to determine whether or not the companies have built structures with the latest trends in mind, and if they are fit to put your ideas to paper.

  • Sustainable developments, which also adapt well to climate change.
  • Multi-purpose designs with various partitions to distinguish between office, bedroom and entertainment areas.
  • Using alternative construction materials to reduce building time and overall costs.
  • Open-air relaxation spaces such as decks or securing enough squares for a private garden.
  • Easy-to-clean layouts and antibacterial finishes.


With the ongoing pandemic, more people have become health, hygiene and eco-conscious. The world around us is changing, and so are development firms that strive to meet the new requirements of clients while overcoming all accompanying challenges.


Sustainability, however, has been a crucial factor in the development industry, even before the COVID pandemic. Not all companies have adopted this policy and their methods to that of sustainable development, but The JK Designs team has long been a front-runner in this regard.


As a company founded in 2014 in South Africa, the team is as fresh as can get. When hiring their architecture team, you’ll get to meet a group of innovative and determined individuals who are always on top of the latest trends. These professionals work vigorously to produce stylish and modern architecture with every project thrown their way.

Modern Architecture Companies Offer More Inclusive Services

Another endeavour among architect firms is to partner with other qualified professionals to extend additional services to clients. Gone are the days of searching for your own builder, site manager, material supplier and other relevant parties.


With the assistance of a professional architect, you don’t have to lift a finger. We have a wide network of recommended contractors and suppliers who can assist with the development of your home, be it in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or other parts of the country. With JK Designs, you can rest assured that everything will be handled on your behalf, from planning to construction processes.


You can now even hire interior design experts directly from the company to complete your masterpiece with stunning décor and finishings.


Forget the old conventional ways of building. Select JK Designs as one of the modern architecture companies in South Africa to develop your property with flare. Send us an email online today.

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