South African Trends in Commercial Architecture and Developments

 Commercial architecture and developments in South Africa entered the world of green design and building back in 2013 with the unveiling of the first commercial green-star building in the country. Ever since, the focus on green building designs has gained tremendous spotlight. More and more developers are looking for architects experienced in so-called green designs.

Such commercial architecture and developments will continue to be in demand, as green buildings are considered high-value investments. These properties attract higher property prices, whilst being more economical to maintain and manage. Property owners also look towards green commercial architecture and developments because of the improved tenant-retaining potential. Although new in South Africa, the green architecture concept is catching on fast.

Buildings are considered integral in addressing climate change issues. With smart, green architecture, the commercial developments of the future will help to reduce electricity and water usage considerably. The high cost of energy and the water scarcity in South Africa are two possible driving forces behind the demand for more sustainable commercial buildings. An increase in productivity has also been noted as one of the benefits associated with green buildings. Accordingly, employees work in healthier environments, and because of such, are more productive.

Aspects such as solar panels for heating and electricity generation form part of green building design, but a layout for the maximum use of passive solar features is another aspect that developers should not ignore. Mixed modes of ventilation are also included in the commercial building designs. With such in place, mechanical ventilation can be used when needed.

Large glass windows are installed for optimal natural light. This helps to reduce the need for using artificial light sources. This, in turn, helps to reduce the energy costs associated with running green buildings. In addition, it helps to reduce the reliance on coal-burning power stations.

With more and more people cycling to work in cities such as Cape Town, where traffic congestion problems are experienced, new commercial developments often include cycle parking. Instead of the conventional high-rise buildings, we see more office parks with landscaped gardens and places of relaxation forming part of the designs.

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