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Why Get an Architect in Johannesburg for Commercial Projects?

For building on a residential plot in Johannesburg, it isn’t always necessary to involve architects in every aspect of the project. However, for a business structure, it’s highly recommended to get experts to help in the planning and executing phases of the process.

Just like residential properties have their own building rules and regulations, commercial ones have more and stricter regulations – not to mention all the expertise that goes into designing the structure to be aesthetically appealing to the public, and, more importantly, ensuring that it’s safe and functional. To make sure that everything falls within the guidelines and is done properly, you need to use the right architect in Johannesburg for the job.

Services of Architects

See Our Process page for a detailed explanation of how we at JK Designs can facilitate all your building and design needs in Johannesburg and Gauteng. Below are some of the functions our team performs for clients:

  • Consult with the client to collect information on their vision and the type of building that needs to be built.
  • Perform site inspections to properly plan out the design and make sure there’s nothing that will hinder the construction process.
  • Gather the necessary documentation to comply with any legal requirements for the zoned area.
  • Draw up in-depth diagrams and schematics for the project.
  • Oversee the constructing phase and make sure everything is done as intended.

Using architects during the planning and construction of your commercial property also helps with effective budget planning because they regularly work with various contractors and know the costs of construction. They can assist you in finding builders in addition to well-priced and quality materials. With a commercial property, it’s crucial to construct durable and long-lasting structures due to customers’ safety being the responsibility of the landlord.

Choose an Experienced Architect in Johannesburg

With there being so many different types of business structures, it’s recommended that you select a competent individual or team who has completed multiple large projects prior to yours.

It’s also wise to peruse a firm’s portfolio before entrusting them with your venture, especially for larger buildings. Unlike houses, where you rarely have to worry about inspectors visiting to see if the structure adheres to building laws, commercial properties are far more likely to be frequent stops on their list.

You can see some of the sizeable developments we have worked on here.

Take the First Step to Realise Your Dream Project

Are you ready to bring your vision to life? Our team of specialists are always prepared to take on any commercial project, big or small. Get in touch to set up your first meeting with a trusted architect in Johannesburg.

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