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Why Sustainable Architecture is Important in Modern Commercial Property Development

The importance of sustainable practices regarding the design, material selection and construction in commercial property development is on the increase. This is mostly so because of the worldwide trend towards the protection of the environment, responsible usage of resources, and the focus on creation of healthier work and living environments. As such, selecting architects who are known for their expertise and experience in green building designs, is essential to creating the right foundation for the entire commercial property development.

Understanding the Principles of Green Building

Also known as sustainable building design, it is the practice of designing properties that are energy, water and material efficient, in order to enhance the health profile of the properties, whilst reducing the impact on the environment for the entire lifespan of the buildings.

Green building is far more than just the bricks and mortar. It is about the site planning, the building design, land use planning and management, community, aesthetics, and the building’s impact on the environment.

The Importance of Green Building Design for Commercial Property Development

We have reached a period in our planet’s history where it is no longer possible to just think one or two generations ahead. Years of pollution, over-usage of resources and ongoing growth in the world population have brought us to a place where the responsible management of resources to ensure sustainability has become essential.

If we are to save on energy usage, water consumption and aim to reduce waste, then starting with the sustainable architectural design of commercial properties and the development thereof will certainly reduce our impact on the environment considerably.

Green building development helps to improve air and water quality, while it also adds to the protection of ecosystems, and reduces human impact on natural resources. With it also comes benefits, such as a reduction in the building’s operating expenses, addition of market value of the development, and improvement in profits. Other benefits include improvement in air quality, space layout, and occupational health and safety, as well as an improvement in work and life quality of building users and the surrounding community.

The Role of Architecture

Architectural design that is focussed on sustainability helps to reduce the amount of waste involved in construction projects, while it furthermore helps to preserve the historical value of buildings where needed, and at the same time, improves on the overall aesthetics of commercial property developments, to ensure relevancy of designs for future generations.

Architecture based on green or sustainability principles helps to minimise energy consumption and the use of non-renewable resources, while it also ensures that the property development enhances the aesthetics of the environment where it takes place.

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