Commercial and Residential Architects – Dwayne Olivier as One of JK Designs’ Directors

 One of the advantages of working with a young architectural firm in South Africa is that you can expect out-of-the-box thinking. JK Designs is just such a company, and because of our strong leadership, which includes Dwayne Olivier and Johann Koch as directors, you can expect superb service and highly functional designs to meet your requirements.

Dwayne Olivier, one of the directors of JK Designs, was born and raised in Pretoria, which gives him a thorough understanding of the urban fabric and landscape of the Tshwane and broader Gauteng region, which is one of the strongest economic hubs of South Africa. Dwayne Olivier has built up a large business network, and has developed an impressive portfolio with the commercial and residential architecture firm over the years. Dwayne qualified with his degree from the University of Pretoria, and because of his self-motivation and drive to succeed, has been able to take on challenging design projects and business ventures over the years.

Dwayne is a truly progressive and innovative thinker, as is evident in his management style. He is not one to let market opportunities slip by, and as such, has been instrumental in leading JK Designs in the modern competitive business environment. His intuitive aptitude in strategic planning and business development analysis has been beneficial to JK Designs.

Dwayne Olivier has had extensive experience in commercial and residential architecture. His career includes being an associate manager at Studio 3 Architects, and eight years of experience in the design and construction of the landmark and mixed-use development known as Lynnwood Bridge facing the N1 highway and Lynnwood Road in the eastern part of Pretoria.

Dwayne Olivier also challenges the way in which the market functions, and continuously strives to find innovative ways of creating new business ventures. It is this innovative approach to business ventures and deal structures that will keep JK Designs (and their sister companies) ahead of the crowd. “Business does not fall into your lap. You need to find the opportunities and make them work with all the parties’ best interests at heart. If everybody does not win, then nobody will, because there simply will not even be an opportunity to begin with” – says Dwayne Olivier

Dwayne Olivier and Johann Koch work as a unit in driving JK Designs forward. These leaders are hardworking and focussed on accomplishing every task with precision. Both Dwayne Olivier and Johann Koch are some of the most promising up-and-coming young businessmen in the country, which means that clients can expect to see amazing designs from the JK Designs firm.

Dwayne and Johann lead the firm and are assisted by their professional team, which includes architects and technologists, whose strengths in design and technical detailing are integral to the strength of the JK Designs brand and products.

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