Find the Right Architectural Shoe that Fits

Have you ever considered becoming an architect? It is a very detailed process that takes many years of focus and dedication, but to be that person who has the freedom to design buildings, commercial centres or urban layouts that are not just functional but that are elegant and even daring, is an amazing opportunity.

The process

There are so many opportunities to take on board as an architect. When you are meeting with your client, it’s not just about a quick overview based on your views and ideas alone. The process involves many well-thought-out approaches and procedures.

Start by sketching up your ideas once you have met with the client. You are the expert, and you need to be able to set the scene quite literally or paint the picture for your client. It is an easy way to get your ideas across quickly, and at JK Designs, we like to showcase our informal but creative flair. Everybody loves an architectural consultantwho is visual.

Next, it is time to build a relationship with your client. Gaining their trust is vital. A client puts all his belief into his architect, with conviction that he will be offered insightful designs and plans that are aligned to his core values and lifestyle, whether it is for residential or business means.

Always be prepared to receive criticism. Clients will often turn around and dismiss the first set of ideas, until they feel they are getting what they are envisaging. The best way to deal with criticism is to have a back-up plan in place. A resourceful architect will always have several options available for the client to potentially consider. Hand in hand with accepting the rebuke is to be able to listen. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

At JK Designs, every architect on our team is highly qualified and proffers designs that are innovative and bold. We pride ourselves on our research and thinking outside of the box.  We work collaboratively with our colleagues and other advisory professionals, pulling together concepts from all different angles.

Finding a passionate architect is key. There is a growing interest in the skill of learning how to both design buildings and areas that are both practical and creative.  Architecture has moved into a new realm. It is about offering designs that resonate with the desired lifestyle and workspace. No longer is it just about being visually clever- it is about the flow and feel.

Whether you are looking for designs for residential or business plans, it is wise to get quotes from different architectural firms. At JK Designs, we believe that architecture is more than just a built environment. It is about our values and philosophies. Our designs are excellent: we are daring and believe in combining superiority with practicality, creativity, the natural surrounds, and style.

Call us today for a consultation. We are COVID-conscious and can accommodate our clients with a choice of socially-distanced meetings or online consultations. Tell us your story and let our team guide you through an exciting journey.

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