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Gauteng Architecture Firm - Why 4 Heads are Better than One

A Leading Gauteng Architecture Firm versus a Solo Architect

Given the current economic climate and the ongoing difficulties arising from the pandemic, most South Africans have been looking for ways to save money. Anyone planning to invest in new homes, offices or a substantial refurbishment project can expect to pay far more for their building materials than the going rates before the Covid-19 outbreak. Accordingly, they might find it cheaper to hire a solo architect rather than retain a large architecture firm to undertake their design work. However, while a lone professional has fewer overheads and should be able to charge less, there is a lot of truth in the adages that claim many hands make light work and two heads are better than one. Employing a single specialist could limit your options and could even prove to be a false economy.


Unless you’ve had previous experience with building projects, you can be forgiven for believing the architect’s role is simply to draw up the plans and pass them to the builder. A reputable architecture firm will employ people with diverse and complementary skills. For example, you will be unlikely to gain much by saving money on a lone architect unless you also have the time and experience necessary to perform the duties of a project manager. Without someone to act as a liaison between the designer, builder and the client (in this case, yourself), you can look forward to frequent delays, errors and cost overruns. A solo designer is unlikely to have the necessary expertise or time to take on this function.



During the design phase, an architectural firm will likely have someone to function as a quantity surveyor, thus providing you with a more accurate measure of the final project cost. These figures are essential for efficient project management. They enable better control over the project’s cash flow while providing a means to highlight any unexpected deviations from your budget.

Architectural Firms Provide Comprehensive Support

Although changes to the original plan are not inevitable, they are often necessary. Unexpected difficulties on the site might call for a design modification. A solo operator might simply respond directly to a builder’s request. However, an architectural firm will have a process in place to ensure all necessary or suggested changes meet with the approval of all the project stakeholders. 


Whether your interest is in a new home or a high-rise office block, you will need the assurance of a design company with a verifiable track record. Even more critical will be to identify someone who can provide a comprehensive service that will undertake to deal with all phases of your project from inception to completion and handover. In practice, only when retaining an established architectural firm are you likely to enjoy that level of support.


To summarise, there is far more involved in a building project than drawing up some plans and hiring a builder. Putting your trust in a lone designer and an unknown construction company could prove risky. By contrast, when you retain JK Designs, you have the backing of a Gauteng architectural firm with all the contacts, skills and experience required to compile and micromanage every crucial aspect of your construction project. Feel free to check out our team and our uniquely comprehensive services.

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