Get an Architect in Johannesburg – Here’s why

First-time property buyers often believe that an architect plays only one small part in the construction of a building. However, this misconception can be cleared up easily if one simply takes the time to get in contact with experts in the industry. The reality is that these professionals are far more talented and skilled than some may know. To take on any Gauteng-based building project without an architect in Johannesburg potentially sets the project up for failure and can cost you dearly in the end.

6 Services an Architect Offers

These talented specialists work closely with each client to integrate their vision into a proper design and assist in the creation of a unique and functional structure. They work with a variety of people, and some may specialise in one type of building, while others have several specialisations. See the following tasks that an architect in Johannesburg can do, apart from drawing your house plans:

  • Research the property’s limitations and regulations of the area.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of your venture, given your budget limits.
  • Work alongside others in the industry to ensure the project goes according to plan.
  • Follow a set method that’s been tested and consists of all industry-necessary steps.
  • Speak to contractors and make suggestions on which builders are suitable for your venture.
  • Be available for all questions and provide solutions to any hiccups along the road.

As with any city in South Africa, Johannesburg has its own set of rules to follow when constructing a new building. Not only do you have to consider the city’s building requirements, but also the specific district in which you reside. Estates, farms, commercial stands and even smallholdings each have requirements to uphold. Any design from a reputable architect will follow these protocols, all while keeping your vision and needs in mind.

Site Inspections and Legal Requirements

Any proper architecture firm in Johannesburg will send an employee to come out and view your stand. This is to determine the details of the design. A good example is which direction to place the majority of windows, or where exactly to build your structure to leave space for a usable garden. The site visit also allows the architect to take note of possible obstructions or hazards that may hinder the construction process. Aside from the physical trip to your piece of land, they will draw up the site documents before designing your home and consider the following:

  • How many dwellings may you have on the property?
  • What’s the height limit for buildings in the area?
  • Is the land zoned for your intended purposes?
  • Up to where can you build on the property?

These are just a few of the many points that go into planning for the design of any structure. With a competent architect in Johannesburg on your side, you can avoid all the not-so-fun tasks of the building process and focus on the exciting portion – envisioning unique and amazing structures.

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