Can Green Architects Help to Increase the Value of Pretoria Homes?

With the estate market under pressure due to financially difficult times and political statements, you may have to look at new ways to ensure a solid return on your building investment.

Green architects in Pretoria understand the importance of sustainability when it comes to energy efficient designs, flexible floor plans to cater to changing usage needs, and reduced pressure on the environment by choosing sustainable building materials. To this end, one may think that green architecture equals more expensive building practices in Pretoria, but consider the long-term benefits of having an energy efficient house. They are built to last, and are designed to fit in with natural surrounds, and you can already understand why homes designed by green architects can be valued higher and be in demand in Pretoria.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

A residential abode, designed according to green principles, also means lower running costs. Green certified commercial buildings achieve higher market prices. When it comes to residential abodes, buyers appreciate features allowing for lower monthly running costs. As such, if your Pretoria house is designed by green architects and has features to ensure a lower environmental impact, reduced energy costs and less reliance on grid power, water saving features, and passive use of solar and design features to reduce management costs, you can expect prospective buyers to be impressed.

Improved Living Quality

Of course, you may not look at the design of your home from a resale point of view. Instead, you may consider it as your long-term safe haven. To this end, you will save on running costs of the house. It thus makes sense to use experienced green architects to help you maximise resale value and improve enjoyment of the property.

Green architects, for instance, look at possible changes in usage over the long term. They consider your lifestyle needs at present in addition to future lifestyle needs. Your children, for instance, will not stay small forever. They will grow into teens and then young adults.

The design must be able to cater to changing lifestyle needs. You may want to convert a room into a study or gym when your child leaves home, or want to ensure that you can still enjoy using all features in the home when you are ten years older. To this end, you can speak to our green architects in Pretoria to help you design and build a home with optimal resale value in addition to saving on running costs.

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