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What Sets Us Apart From Other Architects in Pretoria

An architect is an architect, right? They simply need to be able to put some neat lines on a page, and that is that, right? Wrong. If that is what you expect from your service provider, we have news for you. Architects are responsible for so much more, and can help you elevate your project in Pretoria from merely acceptable to absolutely brilliant. This does not only refer to the design of a project, but also the budget, the success of the approval process, and the actual execution of the construction.

JK Designs - Architects in Pretoria - Challenging the Mundane.

At least, this is the case when you partner with JK Designs. We are a dynamic and vibrant team of architects in Pretoria who believe in challenging the mundane. Our vision is for every home to be an icon, and that every commercial development should present a holistic, visionary solution.

Our thorough approach and unwavering passion set us apart from other architects in Pretoria. Here are just some of the services you can expect when engaging with us:

Clarity On Your Project

We start each project with an in-depth meeting to determine exactly what you want. Together, we define the brief and discuss all details regarding the scope, design, budget, and timeframe, as well as your wish list of things you want included in the design.

Full Sign Off On Design

Taking your vision and wish list into consideration, we first create a design concept. Once you are happy with the direction, we develop a detailed design, which we present to you to get your input to see how we can further improve on the plans. You only sign off on the project once you are completely satisfied with the design.

Creating All Necessary Plans and Documentation

Construction projects require council approval to go ahead. Once you are happy with the design and have signed off on the project, we create all necessary drawings for council and HOA submission, including the finalised site plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, roof layout, details, door and window schedules, and fenestration calculations.

Quality Control

We take our reputation as leading architects in Pretoria very seriously, so this is not where our involvement ends. We produce all drawings required by the contractors and do regular site visits to ensure that the project conforms to the contract documentation and that the build is completed correctly.

We firmly believe that shortcuts lead to costly consequences later on. You deserve to be completely satisfied with the end result. If you are in the process of planning a development, make sure you team up with the leading architects in Pretoria. Get in touch with our team at JK Designs today.

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