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At JK Designs we pride ourselves in our customer service. We want to make your project as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

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Our documents are categorised according to the stages in which you would need them. If you are keen on appointing JK Designs as your architects, you can speed up the process by gathering the necessary information before, during and after we meet.

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Arch Daily, Pinterest, Houzz Mood board HOA/Arch Guidelines


JK Designs will supply all the relevant documents for this step.

Post Meeting

Clients’ list of required documents:

  • Copy of title deed
  • SG Diagram (Any flood lines)
  • Certified copy of owner/s of the property or all directors’/trustees’ IDs
  • Any registration documents if not natural person e.g. Company, CC or Trust registration documents
  • Power of Attorney (to be filled in by all relevant parties above)
  • Power of attorney for both Architect and Council runner
  • Zoning certificate
  • Water connections
  • Geo-technical report
  • Drainage diagram
  • Storm water
  • Gas reticulation (if applicable)
  • Electrical connection and services (including site connection and any equipment or fittings on site e.g. Minisubs, Lamp posts)
  • Land surveyor to be appointed
  • Consolidation diagram if applicable
  • Plans of any existing structures
  • Latest Municipal Statement
  • COC (Electrical Certificate of Compliance for existing structures)
  • Council submission fees
  • HOA submission fees