More Than Just an Architectural Professional

In today’s changing world, an architect has to be so many things. The demands of the urban space, which is in flux, determine that an architectural professional has to manage multiple constraints and challenges when designing any structure. Merely imagining a building in a space and realising that in the context of drawings and plans for that space isn’t enough.

An architecthas to be an artist, which is a consideration not usually at the front of our minds when thinking about architecture. Ask anyone who has ever studied art or design: many of the courses included the study of architecture and its forms. Like art, architecture has periods and influences and styles. Without an understanding of art, design, and history, an architectural professional would be unable to create anything with any sense of context of form. Additionally, without the ability to be creative, the process of applying this contextual knowledge of form would have no aesthetic value.

An architecthas to be a historian. Ask anyone who has studied the history of classical civilizations or city planning: architecture can be read as a social history. South Africa has a varied and interesting history and this is reflected in its architecture. In South Africa’s urban centres, heritage buildings of over a hundred years old can stand cheek by jowl with streamlined modern buildings. An understanding of how the different eras of architecture interact visually and historically is essential to being a good architectural professional.

An architecthas to be an environmentalist. Ask anyone who has environmental sociology, urban geography, or any other course that looks into the human’s relationship with our natural environment: sustainability needs to be considered when designing buildings. Architecture has lasting effects. When designing architecture, knowledge about building materials used is especially important. An architectural professional needs to know where they come from and how they are made. This knowledge then needs to be balanced with how these materials will function in a working structure and how installing said products will affect the immediate environment in the present and the future.

An architect has to be an interior designer. Ask anyone who has studied interior design: if there was no architecture, there would be no interior design. And if an architectural professional is designing a building, they have to have a sense of what it is going to have inside it.

JK Designs has architectural professionals who are all of these things combined. JK Designs is an architectural firm that has an environment of creativity, allowing for architectural professionals to exercise their creative minds and their knowledge of architectural history, environmental sustainability, and interior design.

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