Only Partner with Architects in Gauteng that Do These 6 Things

With hundreds to choose from, it really cannot be that difficult to find professional architects in Gauteng, right? Well, finding these firms might not be a challenge, but choosing the right one to partner with for your project is another story.

Not all architects in Gauteng deliver the same quality work. Construction projects are way too big of a commitment to take any chances, so rather than merely looking for the first available and affordable service provider, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect partner. If you want a project that meets and exceeds your expectations, look for architects in Gauteng that do these six things:

1. Share Their Portfolio Proudly

If they are not proud to show off the projects that they have worked on to date, do not expect your project to be the exception to the rule. A proper portfolio will give you an indication of their design style, their experience, the quality of their work, and whether they take pride in what they do.

2. Meet with You and Make It A Collaborative Effort

Do they truly listen to what you want from this project? Are they good at communicating? Do they ask questions and do they provide clear guidance based on their expertise? Also, does their approval process ensure that you are completely satisfied before signing off?

3. Create A Positive Working Environment

A firm that puts in the effort to create an enjoyable working environment delivers better work. Team members are more dedicated and inspired, and client relationships are healthier, resulting in improved communication and collaboration.

4. Draw Up Plans in The Right Format

While most clients would expect this, not all architects in Gauteng include drawings in the right format and according to the requirements for council submissions. Check whether your architect of choice can and will do this.

5. Visit the Construction Site

Some architects merely stick to design and do not go a step further. For best results, find a firm that is committed to the project for the duration of the execution and who does quality control site visits.

6. Engage with Contractors

Unless you have the necessary expertise and want to take the responsibility on yourself, choose an architecture firm that is willing to engage with contractors during construction to ensure that the plans are clear and that construction teams are adhering to them.

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