Popular Architectural Design Trends in Pretoria

 More and more people are looking for architecture firms in Pretoria that are flexible and willing to embrace new design trends, including sustainable designs for residential homes.

Below, we take a brief look at some of the more popular design trends displayed by architecture firms in Pretoria.

Less Detail

 The year 2017 marks the break from intricate detail in residential designs. Architecture firms have also moved away from the easy-going look to a bit more glamour, but the focus on sleek lines stays.

Water Conservation High on the Agenda

 The recent droughts experienced throughout South Africa highlighted the need to become more water conscious, so this trend is also prevalent among the designs for top architecture firms in Pretoria.

Grey water recycling features are now more popular among homeowners, and architecture firms in Pretoria are looking at designs that will help to conserve water at residential homes.

Embracing Technology

 Smart technology is here to stay, and with more and more homes featuring fibre internet connections, especially in the security estates, we can expect homes to be designed for the best usage of technology.

Simple and Sleek Lines

 The clean look is embraced by many of the architecture firms in Pretoria. The architects focus on intelligent connections between the indoor and outdoor living environments.

Cool Grey

 With the natural and neutral colours of homes still visible all around us, people are ready for a change, and it seems to be leaning towards taupe, grey, and off-white tones to bring a new level of sophistication to the modern residential homes in Pretoria. Among residential houses, the rustic earthy look will still be visible, but we can also expect more usage of matt metals.

Green is More than Water Conservation

 Although many people have already forgotten about the importance of green design, the overall worldwide trend is still in favour of green buildings. And we can expect this trend to continue.

Features such as solar geysers, solar panels, double glazed windows, and intelligent usage of natural resources will also become more prevalent in residential architectural designs.

More and more people will look towards architecture firms in Pretoria that have proven track records of green and sustainable designs. One such a firm is JK Designs. As a young and dynamic firm, we understand the needs of modern homeowners. We also understand the importance of being able to provide turnkey design and project management services.

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