South African Modern Architecture Trends Support Green Living

 With increasing interest in green building and design, both in the commercial and residential building sector, more and more developers and property owners are looking for Pretoria architectural firms that are experienced in green and sustainable architectural designs. Some of the architectural and residential building trends noted by such Pretoria-based architecture firms are briefly discussed below.

 Environmentally Responsible Designs

Green architecture is fast catching on and it is not limited to commercial designs. Residential developers and property owners have also gained interest in mitigating climate change and doing their part to limit the human developmental impact on the environment. We see solar panels, geysers, and alternative energy supply features forming part of modern homes, especially in wildlife estates.

With the advances in power storage solutions, more homeowners can now benefit from a reduced reliance on a conventional electricity supply, which relies heavily on coal-burning power stations. Double-glazed windows may also become more prominent in designs from Pretoria architecture firms. Double-glazing helps to improve indoor temperature control.

Cool Grey Tones in Addition to Neutral Colours

Cooler colours were introduced in 2017. Although neutral colours are as popular as ever, we now see more bright whites and grey colours, in addition to intense colours, which are used along with earthy toned materials, such as cork and terracotta.

Fibre is the Way to the Future

Fibre internet connectivity is being rolled out across the country, and lifestyle estate developers are scrambling to upgrade their estates for superfast and uncapped internet connectivity for the residents. Fibre will become more important over the next few years, and architectural firms in Pretoria will make provision for easier fibre connection in their designs.

Sleek and Clean Lines are Characteristic of Contemporary Designs

Gone are the days of excessive and overwhelming detail. The need to simplify is now more prominent than ever, and is reflected in the designs brought forth by architectural firms in Pretoria. Space is limited, so it is essential to create open layouts. Indoor and outdoor environments are connected with large sliding doors, creating double-sized entertainment areas. The living rooms, dining rooms, and verandas become combined spaces when the doors are open.

Focus on Water Resource Management

News reports on the scarcity of water in various regions of South Africa highlight the importance of conserving natural resources. As such, many of the modern architectural designs include features such as rainwater catchment, recycling equipment, and designs to facilitate the management of water.

Turnkey Solutions

Another noteworthy trend, especially in the higher priced property market, is the use of architectural firms in Pretoria that offer turnkey solutions, such as design, project management, construction, supplier management, cost estimates, and the likes. Property owners want to ensure the lowest possible cost, maximum benefit, and superior quality.

With such in mind, they approach architectural firms such as JK Designs. We are able to provide complete design and project management solutions, helping to minimise costs and to reduce the frustrations involved in the building of residential homes.

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