Edgy and Youthful – A Residential Architectural Firm That Is Heads Above the Rest

Residential architecture firms are in abundance. Go on to the internet and see just how many offerings there are out there. So how do you choose the right one, the one that speaks to you? The one who you feel will listen to your needs and not cost you an arm and a leg?  It’s a tricky one.

Many residential architecture firms are rigid in their presentations, focus more on form than functionality, and don’t take the time to be thought-provoking and innovative. It’s all about the same old same old. At JK designs, we believe in a different approach to the norm. We believe in being free-spirited, innovative, and edgy, with a youthful approach to all our designs and interactions.

We are one of those rare residential architecture firms who believe that every home should be a star – an icon, and an embodiment of the people who will be living in them and their values. We look at the industry norms and take them to new heights, challenging what may seem impossible, and coming up with designs that push the boundaries.

Look around you. See what stands out. What is it that you like about the designs of certain residential architectural firms? It is important to start drawing up a wish list or creating a mood board. How do you want to live in your home? What will resonate with you and make you feel comfortable?

Our team at JK Designs are here to listen and inspire. We know what it is like to be overwhelmed with choice or underwhelmed by what you have seen before. Designing a home should be fun, interactive, and inspiring. We add all of this into one big melting pot and offer a completely different approach to other residential architectural firms. No formal, stiff, corporate concept. We are about living life to the full and making sure that our clients do too.

Designing a new home has no limits – from groundbreaking energy-saving ideas and home automation, to a flow that is both easy and client-centric, we come up with an infinite array of options to suit every desire. We see our role as the artist with a blank canvas, holding the palette of colours and salivating at what is possible to create.

As far as residential architectural firms go, we speak vision, quality and expertise and soul.

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