6 Notable Architectural Design and Service Trends in Pretoria

 Throughout 2017, residential architectural firms in Pretoria have been extra creative with residential designs to allow for continuity of design of the indoor and outdoor areas. The firms have also included features in the designs to facilitate more comfortable spaces that also support sustainable living practices.

  1. Connecting the Indoors & Outdoors

 Urban space is limited, so we can expect to see more innovative designs to ensure the best use of available space. It is a trend that residential architectural firms in Pretoria also acknowledge, as is evident in the concept of intelligent design where the distinct line between interior and exterior spaces becomes blurred. Glass is used to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, and to increase the panoramic views from living rooms.

  1. Water Efficient Features

 Residential architectural firms in Pretoria have placed their unique signatures on the above design approaches. One such a design trend is to include an array of water efficient features. Designs in eco-lifestyle estates include features such as rainwater harvesting and recycling of greywater. The inclusion of such systems is expected to enhance the marketability of properties, and thus increase the value of the properties where they are installed.

  1. Green Design

 Another noteworthy trend in designs, also followed by leading architectural firms in Pretoria, is that of green design. Apart from solar geysers and panels, residential designs can make use of passive features, such as the direction of windows, the glazing of windows for improved insulation, and the size of the windows for natural lighting. Energy-efficient design trends are expected to continue.

  1. Flexible Spaces

 Flexible homes have become important. The residential architectural firms in the major cities of South Africa, including Pretoria and Johannesburg, also acknowledge the need to be more practical in their designs. Family needs change over time, so the home’s designs must allow for the easy conversion of one living space into another type of living space, without the need for major renovations or construction work.

A flexible design, for instance, makes provision for the addition of a family member, such as a grandparent coming to stay with the family, or the conversion of a bedroom into a study or home office. To create flexible living spaces requires innovative thinking, which is something that our team at JK Designs fully understands.

  1. Blending Contemporary & Environment

 Also a prominent trend followed by residential architectural firms in Pretoria is that of environment-conscious designs that also embrace modern living. Architects embrace styles that represent the contemporary era, but these styles are selected to complement the environmental surrounds.

  1. Turnkey Solutions

 Not so much a design trend, but rather an approach to architecture that is becoming prominent among the top residential architectural firms in Pretoria is that of providing turnkey architecture and project management services. With such, the client, especially in the high-end residential group, benefits from services such as cost estimates, designs, project management, construction material sourcing, dispute resolution, and the likes.

JK Designs is an example of such a firm. Our company’s dynamic team of architects offers clients everything from architectural advice and designs, to construction management, project control, cost control, and management review services, in order to ensure maximum convenience, the best end results, and optimal efficiency in service delivery.

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