Architecture Firms and How to Select One for Your Project

The essential role of the architect is that of an artist and it is one that calls for a blend of creativity and practicality. That said, while there is certainly no shortage of architecture firms in South Africa, including many that boast some very talented and even award-winning designers, if you are planning to commission a new build, do not just search the yellow pages for a company near you. You are about to invest a substantial sum of money, so you will need to be quite certain that whoever you decide to hire is able to provide the service you are hoping for.

If you have never decided to embark on a building project before, it is likely you will be shocked to discover just what is involved. While you may only need a suitable design concept and a set of plans to get started, the complexity and the number of tasks which you must then organise could make you wish you had simply bought a new build from an existing development or even a pre-owned home. It is at this point that the value of retaining one of the country’s architecture firms begins to become more apparent.

Few people can claim to have an unlimited budget and whereas when buying a pre-built home, you are in a position to determine all of the costs involved before you even sign a contract, the costs incurred by self-build projects are far less predictable. Even when every aspect of the build has been planned to the last detail by an experienced expert, unpredictable contingencies can occur. For example, heavy rains or failures by suppliers to deliver essential materials on time can delay completion and add significantly to the overall cost of the project.

Retaining the services of a well-established architecture firm like JK Designs makes sense, even if it will cost a little more than simply hiring a draftsman to interpret your concept and attempting to manage your own project. You will not only have access to talented designers, but to an expert who will ensure every aspect of your project is planned meticulously. More importantly, it will not stop with the plan. Your architectural professional will then provide the continuous oversite and hands-on management that is essential to keep your build on track and within budget.

While South Africa has many architecture firms from which to make your selection when you are about to make what is perhaps your biggest investment ever, you need to know you are placing your trust in a team with an established reputation for putting the needs of its clients first and delivering on its promises. You need JK Designs.

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