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Sustainable Development in Commercial Architecture

The Challenges with Sustainable Development in Developing Countries

Although sustainable development is ultimately a winning concept, it’s not always easy to implement, especially in commercial architecture. Architects face many challenges in doing so, depending on several factors that may vary from country to country and city to city.

Sustainable development can be explained as building with functionality and human goals in mind, all while preserving the natural environment. The key to this is creating an aesthetically appealing structure with high durability and timeless design that will still be relevant in future, without leaving a large carbon footprint on the earth.

To achieve this is simple. Hire an architect with years of experience.

Sustainable Development - Commercial Architecture - JK Designs

Common Obstacles that Builders Face with Sustainable Development

Not all provinces in South Africa have the same resources, weather, and circumstances. Thus, the issues developers face will differ depending on where the building is to be constructed. Therefore, you have to consider your environment and focus on those challenges that are relevant to you. Below are some potential trials that may arise during your next commercial architecture project:


  • Getting financing – Many think that because sustainable development is an eco-friendly method, it will automatically cost less. This is not the case. In many instances, it can be more costly to create a green structure than a regular one.


  • Water scarcity – Drought in an area can hinder the process of building, even if the architecture is not aimed at sustainability. Some municipalities limit the use of water per household to ensure there is enough for everyone. This means special arrangements need to be made prior to starting construction, or water has to be brought from elsewhere.


  • Flood possibilities – Plots in river beds, near the ocean or other likely to flood neighbourhoods, could pose a risk to sustainable development. In these cases, it’s important to consider the materials being used, as well as to make provisions in the design to protect the structure against the risk of flooding.


  • Resource availability – In far-away, remote towns, it’s not always a given that there’ll be a supplier for the materials in your design. In these cases, builders have two options. One is to bring all the supplies from afar and carry the transport costs, or to adjust your design to make use of alternative materials available in your area.


  • Building regulations – Sometimes the style guide to how a structure must look can cause problems in creating sustainable development. Without support from your local community and authorities, it can be difficult to bring forth necessary changes, due to not getting the permissions needed to continue with construction.

Is There a Simple Way Around These Challenges?

Yes, these are but some of the many challenges a person can face in the development of sustainable architecture. To ensure your next project runs smoothly, seek professional help from architects who are willing to make it happen at all costs – Get in touch with JK Designs.

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