The New Challenges Facing Architects in Pretoria

Modern Achitecture - JK DesignsSouth Africa’s administrative capital is characterised by its blend of architectural styles. While there remains some classic examples of the eastern influence of Malay and Indian migrants, the predominant styles reflected by most of the established buildings in the Jacaranda City are those of the nation’s two competing colonial powers – the British and the Dutch. In this post-apartheid era, one of the challenges facing architects in Pretoria is to break away from the traditions of our colonial past and to explore new styles that are more in keeping with the needs of 21st-century Africa.The modern designer and builder must also contend with a number of constraints that were not big obstacles to the city’s founders. Wthin the city itself, space is now at a premium and available land tends to carry a substantial price ticket. In these circumstances, another of the challenges with which architects in Pretoria are faced is to create smaller, more affordable structures whilst, at the same time, attempting to create the illusion of space.Naturally, the bulk of the city’s residents live in its leafy suburbs, where land is a little easier to come by and homes are typically characterised by patios and, at least, a small garden. Security, however, is an increasing problem that has prompted the need for a return to the mediaeval European concept of gated communities. These will often contain communal facilities, such as swimming pools and braai areas. Creating these shared spaces in a manner that preserves the privacy of individual dwellings calls for innovative designs from architects in Pretoria.Architects in Pretoria - JK DesignsBy contrast, in those free-standing suburban homes, where walls and foliage provide adequate privacy and South African-style outdoor living is the norm, the modern trend is to design dwelling in which the accommodation blends seamlessly with the surrounding land and the distinction between indoor and outdoor living is no longer evident. Rather than imposig constraints, the concept offers free reign for the creative talents of the more imaginative architects in Pretoria.In the wake of concerns over sustainability and the nation’s carbon footprint, the construction industry has been exposed as a major contributor to global warming, in turn, highlighting the need for a paradigm shift. The introducton of new eco-friendly or recycled materials, energy efficient systems for climate control, and alternative construction methods are presenting both tough new challenges and exciting new opportunities for architects in Pretoria, and JK Designs is in the forefront of those who are demonstrating the ability to overcome all challenges and to seize the opportunities.

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