The Top 5 Benefits of Appointing Residential Architects as Project Managers

Choosing one of the top residential architects is the first step towards realising your dream of a stunning, eco-friendly, and sustainable home in South Africa. With your home being a major investment, it is understood that you will want the design to be professional, and the building project to be well managed. Making use of experienced residential architects to this end holds several benefits, of which five are briefly discussed below.

  1. The architect understands your building requirements

Any good project manager must have a thorough understanding of the client’s vision and requirements. When the project manager is also one of the residential architects who have designed your home, then you can expect the project to be completed according to your design requirements. The residential architects work closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of the design are in line with the client requirements and building codes. 

  1. Reduce the risk of mistakes in design and building

Before you can choose the building contractor, you need to review past projects, client reviews, and the costs associated with using the contractor. You have to determine whether or not the contractor has sufficient experience, is experienced in building sustainable and eco-friendly homes, and is able to deliver within the set budget and time limits. When you hire top residential architects as designers and project managers, you significantly reduce the risk of errors in building. As project managers, they ensure that the contractors comply with building codes and regulations, and that the project is completed within the said time limits and budget.

  1. Problem-solving abilities at hand

Residential architects are experienced in solving problems. They are meticulous, timely, and used to seeking creative solutions to problems. As such, the architects can help you to make the most of available space, incorporate green features in your home, choose eco-friendly building materials, and more.

  1. Expert guidance

Residential architects have experience in various areas of design and building. As such, they are able to provide expert guidance from the concept right through to the building and completion process. They work with surveyors, contractors, and engineers on a regular basis, and have experience in communicating with the local council. As such, you can rely on their guidance to help minimise costs, avoid pitfalls, and to ensure the best possible end result.

  1. Skilled coordinators

Residential architects, as mentioned, work with various professionals on a regular basis. They also understand building costs and codes for particular projects and areas. All their designs must meet the building code requirements and they must keep building costs in mind with their designs. As project managers, they are thus already familiar with the above and perfectly positioned to negotiate tariffs with contractors. 

Our residential architects fit the profile perfectly. We take the burden off your shoulders with regards to dealing with the council, contractors, suppliers, and specialists. Our team takes the time to understand your particular requirements. Let us help streamline your design and building project to ensure the lowest cost, maximum benefit, and the realisation of your vision.

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