How Our Architectural Services in Pretoria and Johannesburg Work

As a dynamic architectural firm in Pretoria focussed on customer satisfaction, we follow a set procedure regarding the procurement of our architectural services. This ensures consistency in communication and helps our clients to know what follows next.

We thus provide an overview of what to expect, should you wish to make use of our comprehensive range of architectural services in Pretoria and Johannesburg, whether you need architectural design for a residential home, an estate or a commercial building.

Briefing Meeting

We meet with you (in Pretoria, Johannesburg or elsewhere) to discuss the details of the project, which include the scope, budget, projected and required timeframe, and design. You tell us about your personal preferences and specific requirements which the design must meet and include.

Reporting on Client Requirements

We report on the site and rights, in addition to constraints (including budgetary limits), discuss the project programme, and report on your requirements.

Concept Design

We produce the initial design concept and provide you with clear floor plans, in addition to computer-based 3D models of the concept design. You get a chance to evaluate the concept and information received, upon which we then improve on the design to ensure that your requirements are met. As part of this process, we review the project programme, cost estimates of the project, conformity of the proposed concept with land use rights, and materials and intended building services, in addition to space provisions.

Final Design

We produce the final design according to your exact requirements, and then commence with the council drawings, as well as provide you with a final area schedule of the design. The fees are adjusted, should the final area differ more than 10% from the original cost estimate. The final drawings can be used for submissions to the bank. This stage includes the design development, construction system and components, confirmation of the scope and details of the project, and reviewing of the design, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The scope of work includes the site, floor and roof plans, sections, boundary walls, electrical layouts done by a specialist, elevations, and door and window schedules. We also provide you with 3D representations, which make it easier to visualise the final product. These presentations give you the opportunity to view the project from different angles, and thus to get in-depth insight as to how the design will look when the project is completed.

Council Drawings

Once you have signed off on the design, we commence with the drawings for the Homeowners Association (HOA) and council submissions. The finalisations are made for the site and floor plans, the door and window schedules, elevations, sections, roof layout and specific details, such as fenestration calculations required by the council or HOA. This stage includes coordination regarding technical documents with the consultant, the preparation of specifications and council submissions by you, as the client.

Drawings for Construction

Where needed, we produce further drawings for the construction team, and do regular site visits to ensure the correct completion of the project. The phase includes the handing over of the site to the building contractor, the issuing of the drawings for construction, inspection of work to ensure that the work confirms to the contract documentation, and helping you to obtain the occupation certificate.

Completion of the Project

Our Pretoria team completes the project close-out and prepares the relevant documentation for project handover. We issue the certificate regarding completion of the contract when the project is completed, and provide you with the as-built drawings and the relevant undertakings by the contractors.

As you can see from the above information, our architectural services in Pretoria and Johannesburg are comprehensive, in order to ensure that we design and ensure conformity with the design according to your requirements and the regulatory compliance specifications.

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