Transforming the Bathroom into a Space for Living

Even though the bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in a house, it remains one of the most critical and difficult to design. Historically driven by simplicity, functionality, and ease of maintenance, the bathroom has often resulted in being a fairly simple space devoid of unnecessary creative frills. In recent times, and more specifically, post-pandemic times, this space has undergone a dramatic change in thought and trend. Leaning heavily towards being the most suitable space in the house for personal retreats and self-care, the bathroom has become a place where hours are spent pursuing relaxation and peace.

As the pandemic continues to shape our lives, people have become more and more aware that the spaces they inhabit have a big impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. As arguably the most personal and private space in the home, the bathroom acts as a safe retreat from an uncertain world where the comfort of the singular user is paramount. Therefore, smart design elements and a thoughtful composition are crucial to achieving this calming atmosphere.

In most homes, the main bathroom is right at the top of the hierarchy in terms of luxury and space. Extra points are awarded for high-end finishes, towel warmers, and large windows that allow gentle breezes and sunlight to enter. The bathtub is definitely the main event; the perfect antithesis to today’s fast-paced and stressful environment. Surrounding the bathtub with a stone-like floor finish and placing it next to an open-air outside garden with natural elements creates a spa-like feeling that is capable of melting away all your stress. If you’re not a fan of baths, then double-shower heads might be just the thing you need to elevate your bathroom experience to the next level.

Small details like recessed storage niches in the shower allow for additional shelving space that doesn’t jeopardize the overall design and doesn’t encroach on your shower area. Soft LED strip lights or small foot lights carefully placed provide you with the convenience of soft visual access to the bathroom during the night. Mirror backlighting gives you perfect, even lighting, while electrical points for shavers and hairdryers mean you’ll never feel like your bathroom is lacking anything.

On a more practical note, having the correct vanity counter heights, along with concealed services with easy access and adequate towel storage, means that your bathroom will be as efficient as it will be beautiful. For the main bathroom, incorporating an enclosed cubicle with a separate toilet, preferably next to an openable window, will allow for the comfort and enjoyment of multiple users of the space. Enclosure materials are no longer restricted to your solid brick-and-mortar walls; frosted glass can encourage the light and spacious atmosphere that exists in any luxury spa.

Frank Lloyd Wright invented the idea of wall hung toilets, not just for ease of cleaning, but also to create more aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic space. This shows that the early masters of architecture already had tendencies toward improving this commonly overlooked space. With people spending more time at home, residential architecture, now more than ever, plays a crucial role in the quality of living. Transforming the bathroom into a place for an oasis retreat in your home ultimately allows for extra space for living and enjoying life.

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