What You Should Look for in Reputable Architects in Pretoria

When it comes to sourcing reputable architects in Pretoria, it is wise to first look at your own expectations and define these before starting your search.

Here are a few recommended considerations to get you started:

  1. Whether it be a commercial or residential architectural design company, bear in mind this initial question when beginning your research: do you feel confident that their vision can meet and enhance your own expectations? Can these architects in Pretoria propose a team of professionals to design and deliver a property that adheres to and heightens your own ideas within your budget constraints and parameters. It is always a great idea to create a folder that consists of images from existing buildings plus their surroundings in order to clearly communicate your taste and expectations. Remember, this is simply to create an impression and not to be copied directly.
  • When you find your preferred list of architects in Pretoria, ask whether all aspects of your project can possibly be covered by one company. For instance, in addition to the plans, are they also involved in the construction? And what about the interior design? A true masterpiece is not created in silos, but as a complete unit. Furthermore, will there be a project manager on hand to pass any changes by you first? It is wise to research testimonials from previous clients with images of their completed properties and never be shy to reach out for first-hand information of their experience.
  • During the initial consultations with your architects of choice in Pretoria, be sure to discuss timelines. The better your choice of service provider, the busier they probably are. You may have your own idea of when your property construction can begin and by when you want it to be completed. Is this realistic according to the professionals?
  • Experienced architects in Pretoria should be involved throughout the entire duration of the project. Does your chosen firm visit the construction site and ensure quality control and adherence to plans throughout the build?
  • For a smoother process, check if the architects you choose in Pretoria are accredited by the SACAP (South African Council for The Architectural Profession). If they are submitting plans for approval on your behalf, they must be registered with them.

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