Architecture Firms Should Not Only Be Competent, They Should Care. Here’s Why.

How do you go about choosing the perfect firm out of all the available architecture firms to partner with for your next big project? Whether you are planning to make your dream home a reality or head up the development of a new business project, your choice of architect is one that carries a lot of weight. Not only will it directly affect the quality and success of the project, but the result is also something that you or your company will have to live with for years to come.

All in all, choosing architects seems like a much larger job than merely finding the first applicable contact number online.

Now, the truth is, there are several architecture firms out there who are all very competent and capable and are sure to deliver a good service. This can easily be determined by looking at a firm’s track record, their portfolio of work done, and the references from previous clients. These are all important steps in selecting architecture firms.

However, considering the long-term impact of the result, which can directly affect your company’s image or performance, or your homelife happiness depending on the nature of the project, you deserve much more than merely competence. Competence should be the absolute minimum requirement.

What truly distinguishes the great architecture firms from the rest is the care they apply to their work. While competence and skill are a must, a deeper commitment to their craft elevates their work above that of their competitors. Here is why caring matters:

Creating a Creative and Inspired Work Environment

When a firm cares about what they do and are passionate to achieve great results, they will create a work environment that supports this approach. When placed in a nourishing and happy working environment, architects are stimulated to think outside the box, to pursue their true architectural passion, and to absolutely love their contribution to the local architectural landscape. It also creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere that sets clients at ease and facilitates better communication – the key to a successful project.

The Impact of Architecture on Society

Competent architects meet brief requirements. A firm that cares elevates a project to something much more. A building is so much more than merely a structure made of steel and concrete. It should represent the values and achievements of society and reflect the culture of the people. It must serve the people through its functional attributes and add value to an environment through its consideration of those who use and interact with it.

The Quality of The Final Result

As is the case in any profession, caring about what you do results in a more well-rounded result. There is closer attention to detail and a more committed involvement in the entire process. There is a level of skill sharing and value adding that goes beyond the basic expectation – and it shows in the quality of the product.

If you are in the process of selecting architecture firms, get in touch with the team at JK Designs, and let us show you the level of care and expertise we will bring to your next project.

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