Building Your Own Home? Hire an Architect in Johannesburg

Just because you want to do the building on your own, it doesn’t mean an architect can’t be useful. In fact, it’s especially important to get one in this type of scenario. These qualified individuals bring lots to the table, and can save you from making dire mistakes that could cost you a fortune to fix in the future.

For safety it’s best to, at the very least, get the minimum done by a professional.

6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid in Developments

If you don’t plan on getting expert advice, you should know some of the common errors that people make when developing houses on their own:

  • Buying an unfit plot to build on
  • Picking non-durable materials
  • Under budgeting for the project
  • Choosing the cheapest builder
  • Skimping on proper planning to save time
  • Neglecting to research rules and restrictions

All of these are problems that you can evade if you have a reliable team to work on your house in Johannesburg. However, if you decide to do everything yourself, it’s vital that you make a checklist of important steps to take and do ample planning ahead.

What Can an Architect in Johannesburg Offer for Your Self-Build Project?

Even when you decide to do the constructing part without help, an architect can still assist with the design. If you’re worried about the house plans not coming out the way you envisioned, don’t be. With years of experience, our team in Johannesburg is well-aware that listening to what the client wants is one of the most important aspects of development.

For this reason, our designers are confident in drafting plans that not only fit your description, taste and guidelines but also exceed expectations by improving on your original ideas. To create accurate and flawless builds, we do sufficient planning and generate multiple sketches before the final design is submitted.

Comply with All Legal Obligations

Instead of having to phone and set up multiple meetings with all the necessary parties, an architect can get the permission slips you require without hassle. There are also specific building regulations for Johannesburg and other areas that must be followed to abide by the laws in South Africa. Architects are already familiar with these and can prevent you from unknowingly breaking the rules and ending up with a project shutdown.

See our must-know page before starting your next development if you want to do it right from the start.

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