Why you need an architect?

Creating your dream home or place of work is extremely exciting. You have the opportunity to bring your own vision to life. To create a space that caters to your unique and personal needs. To build a structure in which you do wonderful things, your way. However, to ensure that the end result is truly the best version of your idea, you need the professional services of an architect. No matter how clear your idea is, or how precious and personal it is to you, the value that an architect adds is immeasurable, and it can even mean the difference between absolute elation and complete failure.

Here are some of the top reasons why you will benefit from involving an architect in your project:

Finding the Correct Plot of Land

If you are planning to build a house from scratch and you have something specific in mind in terms of design, it might be worth involving an architect even before you purchase a piece of land. They might be able to point out features you have not considered which could influence the suitability of the plot, including slopes, municipal restrictions, plumbing requirements, and light exposure.

Making the Most of Your Budget

Employing an architect could potentially save you money. Sounds counter-intuitive? Their services might cost you, but the value they add outweighs this cost. Not only do they have the expertise to guide you through the many potential pitfalls of construction jobs, but they can also provide you with a cost-effective design that meets your requirements. And an established service provider will additionally have contacts within the industry who could work together to provide more favourable rates.

Combining Creativity and Experience

One huge advantage of making use of those who specialise in a specific field is that you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience. By employing innovative thinking and years of practically seeing what works and what does not, architects know how to both recognise and solve problems and challenges before they impact a project negatively, without compromising the integrity of the project or design.

Council Approval

Chances are that you will have to get council approval before you can execute your project. In order to obtain council approval, you will most likely require detailed drawings that cover the finalised site plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, roof layout, details, door and window schedules, and fenestration calculations. A professional architect will supply all the necessary documentation.

Quality Control

Do you have the time and/or the expertise to supervise the actual construction and course correct where possible? And is this a responsibility you really want to take on yourself? A quality architect will visit the construction site during the execution of the project to ensure that the build is completed correctly and according to the contract documentation.

Make sure your dream project lives up to your wildest fantasies instead of turning into a nightmare. If you are considering tackling a construction project, contact JK Designs. We are a vibrant and dynamic company and our team will be more than happy to assist you when you need a professional and goal-driven architect at your side.

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