The responsibility and burden is removed from the client’s shoulders as the architect is appointed as the client’s agent. He acts as the middle man between the following parties:


  • Client – Council
  • Client – Contractor / subcontractors
  • Client – Specialists
  • Client – Suppliers


The architectural professional contributes his expertise to the project by heading the design team and coordinating their output with that of other teams. He/she commits to manage and resolve problems and make informed decisions on the client’s behalf. The quality of the final product will depend on the quality of architectural professional. Deciding factors for your choice as architectural professional should never be motivated solely by the cheaper option. Base your selection of architectural professional on their level of qualification and experience as well as their registration with the applicable governing body.


Beware of basing your choice merely on the professional’s fees charged. You might feel inclined to save on professional fees, but in the long run it could cost you more. For instance: You appoint a draughtsman to design a house larger than 500m².  According to SACAP he is not qualified to sign off that scale of project but due to his lower fees you appoint him anyway and he pays an architect to sign off on his behalf. You might have saved on the fees but the house is not designed the in the optimal layout and let’s say he wasted 50 m² floor area you will pay more for the extra building cost than what you would have saved in the appointment fees. Money saved in fees will be reclaimed and added in the area wasted in proper planning.

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