Why You Need To Compare Architects in Gauteng Before Hiring

Compare Architects in Gauteng Before Deciding Who to Hire

No one wants their dream house to end up a disaster due to the potential unskilled help they hire. It’s easy to find someone to do the design, but finding the best architects in Gauteng for the job, is slightly harder. You can ask your neighbours, friends and even co-workers for recommendations. Still, the wise choice is always to do some research of your own.

The team at JK Designs invite you to check out our about page to learn more about our achievements and what makes us the best option for all your architectural needs.

What to look for in an Architecture Firm in Gauteng

Of course, the top priority when considering professionals for hire is to check their reliability, and any feedback or reviews online. However, there’s much more to consider when you are about to invest a large sum of money in any architectural services, including:

  • Have they worked on projects that are similar to the scale and design you require?
  • Does the firm share information regarding its methods and practices?
  • Is sustainability a factor that the architects are familiar with?
  • Can you get along with all participating members of the project?
  • Are their services within the range of affordability and are construction costs included?

It’s not uncommon for persons to switch between architects in the middle of a project, but this adds many hours, frustration and financial loss to the process. To avoid this, make sure you’re satisfied with the individual or team that you’ll be working with before you commit.

Projects – Commercial and Residential

At JK Designs we pride ourselves on our team of architects with their ample experience in the industry, ranging from residential to commercial ventures in and around Gauteng. Our online profile of projects speaks for itself and showcases the quality and complexity that the team handle effortlessly. We also offer interior design services for those who want to get everything done professionally.

Free Building Advice

Our process for any new project is available for anyone to view – directly on our website. This means clients know exactly what to expect when signing an agreement with the firm. Free additional advice can also be found at the bottom of the process page when you select the relevant links.

Sustainable Construction – Do we do it?

With JK Designs, you get a team of ultra-enthusiastic, innovative and flexible individuals, who are all about ecology and all things sustainable. The firm has been around since 2014, and already designed over 54,000 square metres in more than 30 locations. This proves that these architects are capable and competent in what they do. Whether a sustainable house or large commercial complex is what you’re after, these qualified professionals can make it happen.

Get a Quote and Test the Customer Service

The best way to establish whether an architectural firm is capable of tackling your dream project is to speak to them directly. Send an enquiry to our architects in Gauteng, and set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

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