Our Young & Dynamic Team Offering Comprehensive Expertise

With the increase in building costs, far too many people follow DIY methods with the design and building of their homes. However, considering the many benefits of making use of the expert offerings of a dynamic young architecture firm, there is no reason to risk the success of your home’s building project. Below, we briefly look at why it is better to use an architecture firm to design and manage the building project.

Architecture is a form of art that takes years to perfect. Therefore, designing your own buildings and structures is possible, but unwise. It is also possible to have a building draughtsman do the drawings and simply have an architect sign off on the project, but with the help of an expert, you will benefit tremendously. Below are the reasons why you should not do it yourself.

For starters, an architecture firm has a great deal on the line. This means that if you are not completely happy with the designs, the company has every reason to fix it. The reputation of the firm is at stake, and as such, you can expect quality. In addition, the firm gains new clients through its profile of designs and completed projects. It is thus in the best interest of the architect firm to ensure your satisfaction with the designs and management of building projects.

Appearance is not everything. You need to think about safety too. An architect knows this, and it is his/her job to make sure that the design has aesthetic appeal and is done with safety in mind. Having a house that looks good but has structural design flaws is dangerous. Such design expertise comes from studying and qualifying as an architect. It also comes from years of experience and having a professional team to identify any shortcomings. Our firm provides the above and more, thus ensuring the safety of your home.

Bylaws and codes must be researched before erecting a new structure. A qualified person already has the knowledge of such regulations and keeps up to date with the changes in regulations. Therefore, your house or building will comply with all the zoning laws and building regulations regarding design and building. This means that you will not get in trouble with authorities for unlawful constructions.

Muscle is nothing without intellect. The architecture firm will only use accredited builders and make sure that they know exactly what to do before starting the project. This way, the construction can proceed smoothly and swiftly without incidents occurring.

For the sake of humanity and the earth, eco-friendly design has become increasingly important. Our team of enthusiastic architects believes in preserving the future. As such, you can expect a design that will help to reduce building energy usage and minimise the effect of the building on the environment.

To see the overall picture, we take your ideas and make them reality. Designing any structure takes skill, patience, intelligence, and creativity. Knowing this, we also know the most important part of the design is what the client wants. We listen and improve on the vision that you have in mind.

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