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Architects in Gauteng – Building Modern Style Farm Houses

Architects in Gauteng – Key Features of Modern Farm Style Houses

When thinking of your dream home, what comes to mind? Are you more of a sleek and minimalistic type of person or do you prefer eclectic and free? With modern farm style house designs, it’s possible for people to get a trendy look, all while keeping a touch of that homely feeling.


If you’re looking for architects in Gauteng to assist you with the design, building and construction of your future abode, try JK Designs.

The JK Designs Team - Architects in Gauteng

What is Modern Farm Style? – Ask Architects in Gauteng

Every build is unique. Thus, houses with the same type of style could look completely different, yet share similarities. The first step to realising your goals of having a stunning, but comfortable, farm style house in Gauteng is to understand what makes the structure fit into this category.


To do so, see the list of contemporary farm-style architecture traits below:


  • A pitched, triangular-shaped roof with relatively steep slopes on both sides is typical of farmhouse design.
  • For the outer walls of the structure, you can either opt for horizontal or vertical slabs to create the right effect.
  • It’s not uncommon to go with a white finish on the outer walls, but colour can also be used, if preferred.
  • Architects in Gauteng suggest that modern farm style houses feature a large open porch facing the front of the property.
  • Double-hung or cottage-styled windows can also add to the country-like feel of this style of architecture.
  • For entrances, consider double or sliding glass or wooden doors.
  • Lastly, the shape of more modern farmhouses moves away from the boring square or rectangular shape, and adds more dimension with various parts added together.


Indoor, open plan designs work well to give a spacious and country feel to an old rectangular home, but can still be quite stylish and trendy with the use of new and contemporary touches. For assistance with the inside of your building, the JK Designs team not only offers professional architects, but also interior design services in Gauteng.

Should You Hire Professional Architects?

Now that you know the basics of what goes into a new-age farm style house, it’s possible to plan your future project on your own. However, there’s more that goes into mastering this look than a couple of visible aspects.


For example, what materials can be used to create the vertical or horizontal lines of the structure? Where should the windows be placed to allow ample natural light in? How do you incorporate the style with functionality and create a durable design that can last for years to come?


All of these are problems that architects can easily solve, not to mention other possible challenges that may arise during the planning, construction, and final stages of the project.

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