Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is where a house becomes a home. This service is different from interior decorating as it focuses on the design of all the built-in finishes and specifications on the inside of the house. Similarly, to the architectural service, the interior service is broken down into the following services:




We have an inception meeting with the client whereby we understand all personal tastes and preferences. This includes the materials to be used, colour palettes, textures, lighting, volume, mechanics, home automation, solar solutions etc. It is an extensive breakdown of all interior items which then gives us a guideline of how to design each room perfectly.


Concept & Design Development:


As with the architectural design, we provide the client with 3D’s to fully understand the design and the intended feel. However, the 3Ds that are produced for the interior design are of a much higher standard and detail and are outsourced. The life-like 3Ds are extremely accurate in portraying the exact tile that gets chosen, or tap, or lighting feature, even to the point of including any existing or new furniture pieces that are to be incorporated in the rooms. Due to the resources required for these 3Ds they are not unlimited, but experience have shown that the allocated amount is very rarely insufficient.


Documentation & Procurement: 


All interior items are selected and specified by us, this can be done together with the client where they join us at suppliers to decide on the final materials or we can select a shortlist of samples that are then approved by the client. It all depends on the client’s requirements. A big benefit of the interior design service is that the materials that are specified usually come with trade discounts from our suppliers. This trade discount is to the advantage of our clients and in most cases covers the entire cost of the interior design service and possibly even the architectural cost as well.

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