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The Principal Agent is responsible for the contract administration of the construction phase from inception to completion. The service of Principal Agency is the performance of a juristic act on behalf or in the name of the Client by the Principal Agent who is authorised to act, that creates, alters or discharges legal relations between the client and the Contractor. There are two parts to this service namely:

01 Tender & pre-construction

We assist the client in identifying suitable contractors for the project and facilitate the tender process for construction. This includes scrutiny and summary of all the tender documentation including a final recommendation for the contractor’s appointment and determining the risk and recommend required insurances and guarantees. 

02 Construction & inspection

This is the stage that provides clients with peace of mind. When entering the construction phase of the project, the Principal Agent has full project comprehension. We facilitate the site handover to the contractor and conduct, facilitate and record regular site meetings. A great benefit to of this service is that we do the full financial management during construction which includes authorising all payments, cashflow projections, variation records and securities. The Principal Agent guides the construction project up to final completion and move in. Overall, the principal agent becomes the client’s single contact to the entire project, if there are any questions, concerns or comments the principal agent will convey it to the correct team member and either issue instructions accordingly or provide valuable feedback. 

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