Architectural Design


This is the service where every project starts. This service is broken down into the following stages:




This entails an intensive meeting with the client that can take up to two and a half hours. Our team works through a detailed accommodation questionnaire to establish the rooms and sizes from the client. As we are a firm that advocates for emotive design we allocate maximum resources to these meetings to assure that we understand our client’s requirements, priorities and expectations from the start. This meeting provides us with an estimated size which allows us to apply our rate per square meter service fee and supply a quotation. The estimated size also opens up discussions for project timeline and budget expectations.




We take the information obtained from the inception meeting and start the design process. We formulate floor plans and build the design up in 3D followed by preparation of presentation material. On the second meeting with the client we present the concept in floor plan, still 3D artistic impression images and a walk through video showing the full exterior as well as the main areas of the interior of the home. By using the highly detailed video the concept is clearly communicated to the client allowing them to understand how the spaces will work together and the volume that is being created.


Design Development and Sign-off


After concept presentation we allow the client some time to process the proposal. When they are ready we start the design development process where we implement any amendments that are required. What makes our service unique is that we provide unlimited changes and unlimited 3Ds to assure that the client is happy with their product. Most firms allow only 2 or 3 design changes, minimal views and only one video, thereafter the client has to pay additional fees per change and per 3D view. By giving unlimited changes and 3D work it allows the client to have complete peace of mind in knowing that all parts of the house are truly considered and approved by the client before continuing with the project. This stage ends by when the client is happy with the design and provides us with sign-off.


Documentation & Submission:


This stage has the least client involvement as we enter the technical phase of the project. This stage includes all the technical documentation and submissions required for Home Owners’ Association (if applicable) and council submissions. Additionally, we compile extensive construction and detail drawings for contractors to quote accurately and to build from.

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