A Day in the Life of Architects in Gauteng

By knowing exactly what it is that an architect does, you make it easier for yourself to work with them. This will also help you understand why it is better to work with architects in Gauteng than simply have an architect sign off on a design. The list of tasks performed by our team of architects in Gauteng is virtually endless. Therefore, we will start with the one everybody knows best – design.

What Does an Architect Design?

Most people only think of an architect as someone who draws houses. However, this is only one aspect of the work. Architects in Gauteng and all over the world design houses, hospitals, churches, police stations, offices, restaurants, and any other structures you can think of. Architects can design anything from the tiniest apartment to a majestic museum, skyscrapers, warehouses, industrial parks, mixed use precincts etc. Whatever type of building you can think of, you can rest assured that there is an architect behind the design. You will be glad to know that our team of architects in Gauteng can design residential and commercial buildings.

Did Someone Say Supervisor?

If you have wondered what type of person would make a great supervisor, it is an architect. Our architects not only design the buildings in Gauteng, but we also supervise the construction of the structures. This is because it is our vision of a building that is being brought to life and we want to ensure that it is realised in a way that ensures client satisfaction.

Is Safety a Concern of Yours?

Well if it is, you have something in common with our team of architects in Gauteng. Not only do we care about the aesthetic appeal of a building we create, but also the safety of it. What use is a building that is beautiful, but can collapse at any minute? The job of an architect is far more complex than you may think. We work closely with the engineers and contractors to ensure that the designs are functional and safe.

Are You an Over-Thinker?

There are many different thoughts that go through our heads before, during, and after the completion of a project. What is the function of the building? What style or design does the client want? How can we make it safe? What are all the threats that could cause damage to the building? How can we make it sustainable?

Architectural Technology

Although there are still some designs being done directly on paper, most of the time, a computer is involved. With our advancing technology, it is more time and energy efficient to do everything on a computer. Multiple programs are used daily by architects to create flawless plans. With such, it is possible to render 2D and 3D designs faster and with fewer flaws than ever before.

Do You Have a Dream Building in Mind?

If you want to build a residential or commercial property in Gauteng, make use of our team of architects. We have a passion for design and seeing designs come to life.

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