3 Sustainability Trends that Architects in Pretoria Should Embrace

There are three prominent trends in design that eco-focused architects in Pretoria support, and if you are serious about sustainability, then using such architects to design your buildings is essential.

Why Eco-Friendly Designs?

Regardless of whether you stay in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or Cape Town, green building requirements will become more important in the future. Indeed, the Green Building Council of SA has already established a rating system for the sustainability character of buildings. Having a building designed by architects that understand the principles of green design is thus important if you want your house or your company’s buildings to meet the Green Star rating requirements.

Though green designs are about energy efficiency of buildings as well, sustainable architecture also considers other aspects of environmental preservation. Green architects in Pretoria thus consider the materials selected, the layout of buildings, and practice of construction as well.

Eco-friendly architects in Pretoria understand that green design is not just a fashionable concept. They know that it is a worldwide movement that is here to stay. As such, they design buildings to reduce the building impact on the environment, and to maximise use of renewable energy, such as solar PV systems, which are installed on rooftops and incorporated on rooftop vegetable gardens. They can blend in with buildings and their surrounds.

  1. Usage of Renewable Materials

Such architects in Pretoria understand the importance of ensuring integration of renewable energy with building design. They make provision for solar PV, as well as passive solar usage, such as window designs to maximise on natural light penetration. They understand how using natural light and heating or cooling of the building help to reduce energy costs and reliance on grid power.

  1. Water Wise Designs

Though Pretoria certainly does not have the water crisis issues of Cape Town or Johannesburg, it makes sense to incorporate water conservation in design. Therefore, choosing architects in Pretoria who consider the future rather than just focusing on the here and now is important. Water is a scarce commodity in South Africa, and with more and more industries entering the marketplace, the scarcer water will become. More industries mean more pressure on water resources. Incorporating water conservation features in building designs is thus essential.

  1. Smart Future

A third component of sustainable architecture is the incorporation of smart technology in designs. With smart technology, it is possible to reduce energy usage, automate features, and manage energy usage.

Choose our team of architects in Pretoria to ensure your building and residential designs are in-line with sustainable architecture design principles.

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