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Architecture in South Africa - Building and Construction Trends

Latest Architecture Trends in South Africa

Architecture has changed a lot over the years, with many new trends coming and going. These can highly affect the property market, and either boost or even decrease the value of your home, depending on whether or not these meet the new ‘in’ styles in design.


Multiple factors can influence the ways and direction that architectural trends develop in future, including major events like the global pandemic and its lockdown restrictions, commercial developments, and the next generation’s coming of age or even an architect’s unique invention making headlines.


It’s important to stay on top of architectural trends when building a home to aid you in selecting a team that can keep up with trends and other developments to design your dream house with flair.

What are the most recent architectural trends in South Africa?

Architecture is constantly evolving due to various factors including urbanisation and climate change, among others. Architects are constantly inventing new ways to overcome these challenges.


Some of the latest architectural trends in South Africa include, but are not limited to:



  • Minimalistic designs are always a winner in estates or upmarket communities, which entail simple, yet, elegant designs without being too ornate.
  • Modern industrial combination styles can be a great alternative to minimalism if you still want a chic house, but with a more unique appearance.
  • Sustainable and green structures are also growing in popularity as people are becoming more conscious of the effects of construction on nature.
  • Tech-savvy or smart architecture is an excellent way to go as it makes life at home convenient, safe and hassle-free, and prepares you for the future due to the ever-evolving technology era.
  • Bauhaus is a style that incorporates functionality into traditional architecture with straightforward aesthetics and level rooftops.
  • For larger projects, like communal living spaces such as apartment blocks, you can always go with brutalism, which means unnatural contours and geometric touches with a rough finish.
  • An avant-garde builder may choose to go with an art-deco style, which boasts smoother curves, conceptual touches, symmetry and geometric components.


There are many current trends that may be inspirational for creating the perfect living space. However, if none of them is to your liking, you can always decide to rebel against the ‘new normal’ and find an architect that’s able to invent an entirely new concept for your project.

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