Choosing between the Commercial Architectural Firms in Pretoria for Your Project

Are you trying to find the right architectural firm to help you complete an upcoming commercial project? Whether you are looking to develop and build a new home or shopping centre, or you are looking to modernise an office tower or hotel – choosing the right firm to help you can be a backbreaking process. As one of the leading commercial architectural firms in Pretoria, we see how easy it is to make bad choices when selecting the right team for a project. Not only can the wrong choice result in over expenditure, but it can also mean ending up with a design you don’t love. Here’s how to navigate the selection process in three easy steps.

#1 Experience

An architect with relevant experience in your industry will have a better idea of how to bring your idea to life, which is why experience is critical. Start by asking the right questions. How many years has the architectural firm been in business? Is the firm registered with the South African Institute of Architects? Have they designed buildings that are similar to yours? And last but not least, make sure that they have experience in the type of project you need, and are well-versed in all the various local building and location codes and regulations. Building codes vary from area to area, so an architectural firm that is familiar with your building and location codes and regulations can end up saving you many headaches down the road.

#2 Reputation

In this industry, reputation is just as fundamental. To gauge the general opinion on the quality of the firm’s work, check for online reviews or complaints – and don’t forget to check out Facebook and Twitter. If you need to, talk to the previous clients of the architects, in order to understand what you are getting into. By knowing what to look for and which questions to ask, you can be sure that the architects you choose are licensed professionals who are more than equipped to handle the job at hand.

#3 Communication

Never rely on reputation alone when shortlisting a firm. Always select the best architect for your project, and not just the best architect in Pretoria. Why? You might think an architect is expensive now, but once you’re sitting with the mess of having to reconstruct things because you thought both you and the architect were on the same page, you will realise that communication is of the utmost importance. It is important to be able to communicate what you want, and feel confident that your vision matches theirs. Ensure that the firm fits your financial constraints, project expectations and company culture.

The architectural design and development of commercial projects require all hands on deck, and the first step in ensuring that your project in Pretoria is a success, is hiring the right firm. As you evaluate commercial architectural firms in Pretoria, make sure to put JK Designs on your shortlist.

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